Thursday, October 26, 2017

Washing line & Starwars quilts plus two stitchery pieces & a table runner..........................

Quilts by Cat and Elizabeth today. First is Cat's 'Washing Line' quilt. I do know the design is by Jane Brocket, I'm not sure why it is called the washing line quilt, perhaps someone can shed some light on that for us?

Cat asked for E2E quilting and she chose 'Amour' and Super Threads Fantastico 'Stained Glass' and the Full Quiltmekiwi binding service and cotton batting. Cat supplied the vintage sheet for the backing.

Next up also by Cat is her Starwars creation. It looks like a 'stack n' whack' method. Once again Cat asked for E2E quilting she chose 'Modern Squares' and Superiors thread Fantastico ' Walnut' and the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service.

Next are all Elizabeth's creations. Two lovely stitcheries by Lisa Young of Button Bliss. Elizabeth intends finish these both into wall hangings and to give these as wedding presents.

Next is the table runner Elizabeth made purely for herself! It's an Anni Downs design. Elizabeth sent all three items up to me and let me choose a backing fabric that would suit the three creations and I supplied the batting. To save on time (and money) I loaded all three creations together.

Now you must see the lovely label Elizabeth has made.............

Isn't it sweet! Thank you Elizabeth and Cat for once again letting me quilt for you, it is always a pleasure!


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  2. Thank you so much Leeanne, one couple have received their wall hanging and straightaway new exactly where they would hang it. Almost finished the bimding on the table runner, so looking forward to seeing it on our coffee table.. Love Cat’s quilts, the first one is so bright and cheerful

  3. Beautiful Leeanne ... love Cats quilts... but especially love Elizabeths table runner. It looks amazing & I adore her label on the back. I wondered if perhaps the pattern for Cats quilt is called Washing Line because its like everything is hanging straight in a row ... kind of like the washing on the line ... except if you are at my place where its all higgledy piggedy !!!???

    1. I thought it looked like washing hanging on the line too Julie

  4. More beautiful quilts, no idea why it is called Washing Line, looks good though!! The label is beautiful. The table runner is lovely too.

  5. Nice work. I was staring at the swirls on the two heart wall hangings thinking that if those swirls were done free hand, you have really nailed that design. They seem so uniform and evenly spaced--just lovely. Fascinated me. :)

  6. Lovely work from you Leeanne, and also from Elizabeth. No doubt that quilting 'makes the quilt'!

  7. Goodness you have been busy, your quilting makes those stitched hearts just POP on the wall hangings.