Friday, November 3, 2017

Animal quilt

Welcome back to the last quilt from Juliet's book that I quilted. So although it's last in the series it is be no means least!

Howl is on page 102 of Juliet's book. This was the first one I quilted for the book. Most times Juliet leaves it up to me how to quilt her stunning creations but this time Juliet wanted me to portray a 'night sky'...................

Guess photo of the backing! Arrrgg.......sorry! This was the largest of the quilts that featured in the book. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the details of these spectacular quilts as much as I have seeing them all over again.

My daughter sent me this photo of Marley my grandson (7 weeks old) having tummy time on the quilt I made for him. Just seeing him makes me miss him even more!


  1. What an exciting quilt--beautifully quilted! You interpreted the night sky very well.
    Sweet shot of your grandbaby on his quilt. :)
    Nice closing thought.

  2. Gorgeous quilt Leeanne .... as is your wee grandson. Gosh, can't believe he is 7 weeks already !!

  3. Love HOWL. beautiful quilt.Gorgeous boy on a lovely quilt too x

  4. Great Quilting Leeanne - especially the night sky. Don't the babies grow fast. Lovely photo of him, on his quilt. :-)

  5. Marley is too cute on his quilt. Clever granny Leeanne!!

  6. I love the 'Howling at the Moon' style quilt!! Your grandson is a sweetie, looks really at home on his quilt.