Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Linda's 'Long-Time-Gone' Quilt

What a delightful surprise I had a few weeks back when Linda was up from Christchurch (in the South Island NZ) to visit family, Linda wanted to hand deliver her quilt top to me for quilting.

Linda and I sparked up a Instagram friendship and when she asked me to custom quilt this Jen Kingwell design quilt I was over the moon! Linda pretty much gave me free range. Linda chose wool/poly batting and supplied her own tone on tone white backing fabric, which I must mention made me immensely happy as there was plenty!

I used Glide thread in the colour "White" throughout the fun process of quilting this beauty.

Linda didn't want every seam ditch stitched and I couldn't have anyhow as the seams were pressed opened. I notice more and more pattern designers call for 'press seams open'.......great for reducing seam bulk but.............not so great if you do want to SID.

                             A backing photo...............................

                 And of course the finished front....................................

          Thank you so much Linda for the opportunity to quilt for you, enjoy your quilt!
Finishing this post off with a short video of Linda's quilt.


  1. What a stunner! You have quilted it so beautifully Leeanne. I loved your little video at the end too! Linda is going to be one very thrilled stitcher xx

  2. Glorious quilting Leeanne, and we're used to seeing the Jen Kingwell patterns made up in many different colours, a refreshing change this red and white version.

  3. Thats one stunning quilt Leeanne ... I enjoyed watching your progress photos of it on Instagram. Gorgeous!

  4. Your quilting on this is FABULOUS, Leeanne!

  5. Always nice to meet your quilt customers in real life. It took me a few minute to work out what Jen Kingwell design this was, so used to her designs being super scrappy and multi coloured. Gorgeous quilting, I love all the different details you can see on the back of it.

  6. I love this pattern--have been so tempted by it, but have resisted so far. It probably attracts me because it is like a whole bunch of mini quilts put together. :)
    Fascinating to see it as a 2 color quilt, and to see how you worked your magic on it. Great job! Do you ever run out of ideas??
    As I make minis it is often easier to get pieces to lay flat if seams are pressed open, but I love stitching in the ditch, so it is a tough call sometimes.

  7. Stunning quilt and quilting just love the red and white and lucky you to have the freedom with the quilting and to meet the quilt owner just awesome!! xxx

  8. Great to see this quilt design in a two colour palette... and wonderful quilting of course!

  9. Beautiful quilt and amazing quilting Leeanne, so much detail to look at. I have seen a few of Jen Kingwell quilts made here but not in teo colours like that, it looks so different.