Saturday, April 7, 2018

All about houses

Another week gone, a weekend of pottering ahead, but first some sharing of more lovely quilts that have brightened my quilt studio. We have Noeline's house quilt & Diana's wool felt embellished village.............

Quilt information:

Pattern - by Penelope Jameson (used to own the shop 'Stitch' in Christchurch) "Stitchville"
Measurements - 42" x 46"
Batting - Wool - purchased from me.
Backing - grey check - supplied by customer.
Thread - Glide & Fantastico
Quilting - Custom

Quilt information:

Pattern - by Moda - put together as a mystery stitch - along by The Country Yard
Measurements - 67" x 84"
Batting - supplied by customer.
Backing - supplied by customer.
Threads - Glide.
Quilting - Custom.

                             Thank you Diana and Noeline for making such beautiful quilts.


  1. Beautiful. You are so lucky to get to work on such lovely quilts.
    I'm going to try the tree technique you showed on fb yesterday.

  2. Two wonderful quilts and more of your amazing the little birds on the wire.

  3. Oh I love these so much! How fun it is to work on such creative quilts.

  4. You are busy Leeanne. Lovely quilts and quilting

  5. Always makes me feel happy to see your beautiful work on lovely quilts x

  6. Thank you for showing us such beauties, and your quilt work is amazing and very inspiring. The owners of the quilts are very lucky ladies!

  7. Wow--the quilting really brings these adorable quilts to like--wonderful!

  8. Love Stitchville, and all your gorgeous quilting, so good having a photo of the reverse so we can really see all the details.

  9. Oh wow wow wowweeeeeee!!! That first quilt is a thing of beauty, you know where I live so don't post it to the maker, deliver it to me and I will make you tea!!!!!!!!

  10. Yaay, nice to see Noeline's quilt there - good on her for the finish! And Diana's quilt is gorgeous also; the greys work really well with those strong colours.... and it looks like you had a great time with your fun quilting too!