Friday, June 22, 2018

Diane's two beautiful quilts.....................

Welcome back. Here in New Zealand we are in the depths of winter, there is plenty of soup making and refilling the wood basket. And of course there is also quilting. Today I am delighted to share Diane's two lovely quilts..................

Quilt information:

Pattern - Katrina Hadjimicheal - "Hartfield"
Measurements - 88" x 88"
Batting - Cotton/polyester - purchased from me.
Backing - cream & pieced - supplied by customer.
Threads - Glide, Madeira & bobbin fill.
Quilting - custom.

Quilt information:

Pattern - Sampler. ( I think from the Dear Jane series)
Measurements - 73" x 85"
Batting - Supplied by customer.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Threads - Glide.
Quilting - E2E - "Chantilly".

I have more lovely quilts to share, just waiting for their owners to get them back. Please come back and or visit my Instagram and Facebook pages.


  1. Beautiful quilts Leeanne!! Just stunning. And a gorgeous pieced backing too! Such stunning work by both You & Diane.

  2. Both nice quilts, but I especially love that first one. Your quilting on it just elevates an already lovely creation!

  3. These are indeed beautiful quilts with immaculate quilting.

  4. Wow!! What beautiful quilts, and y I ur quilting brings them to life Leeanne..wonderful to see 😆😆

  5. Sorry...your not that other garble!!

  6. Goodness, your quilting in the first quilt sets it off to perfection. Both beautiful though.

  7. Love Hartfield. Any way to get the pattern in the USA?