Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Quilting for Lesley, Rebecca, Margaret & Tina

Hello Quilty Friends!
Welcome back, I have several quilts from different makers. 
Take a look and see which one appeals to you most.

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Hourglass
Measurements - 90"x 90"
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Baptist Fan.
Batting - Wool/polyester - Purchased from me.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Threads - Glide - Mocha.

Quilt Information:

Pattern : Nine Patch 
Measurements - 78"x 78"
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Heart Blossoms.
Batting - Supplied by customer.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Threads - Glide - Linen

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Jelly Roll Quilt
Measurements - 86"x 100"
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Rhapsody Hearts.
Batting - Cotton - Purchased from me.
Backing - Tula Pink Daydream - Purchased from me.
Threads - Glide - Robin Egg.

The two smaller panels

Three panels loaded together and quilted as one piece

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Minky Panels
Measurements - 41"x 53 and 19"x 26 (x 2 panels) 
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Ripples.
Batting - Supplied by customer
Backing - Supplied by customer
Threads - Glide - Linen.
Tina works at Country Dawn Quilt shop. 
The minky panels and matching backing (not minky) is from the shop.

Two recent and regular visitors to our garden.....................

Wood Pigeon (Kereru) 


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  1. Ooohhh gorgeous!!! Love the second one especially as I love those fabric colours & that Heart blossoms design is just lovely. Love the 3 loaded together too ... was the person making cushions to match I wonder? Especially lovely visitors to your garden Leeanne xx