Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ngaire Brook's quilts

Well not her quilts, but her designs.
Carol made both quilts through Grandmothers Garden  , the first, "Verma's Garden" was a stitchery that Carol did this year. The second quilt, "Summer Maze", was Carol's first appliqué project.
Having met Carol only once at a Lynette Anderson's workshop earlier in the year, I feel very honoured & trusted that Carol gave me freedom to choose how to quilt "Summer Maze". As for "Verma's Garden", Carol wanted stitch in the ditch & a simple design on the strip blocks & the odd butterfly through the border.
"Verma's Garden"

"Summer Maze"
Normally I crop my photo's before loading, but for some reason this one wants to stay as it is! So sorry about the washing on the line.
Carol's appliqué is lovely & isn't this a lovely design?

I love some of the small details, such as these snails........................
And caterpillars!
What about the spider!!

Do you see the dragonflies?..............please click on any of the photo's.

Oh .....& the bee's!

I don't think there is one thing I don't like about this quilt.
Thank you Carol!


  1. Beautiful quilts and fantastic quilting as is usual.

  2. You do such beautiful quilting work. I love this sweet quilt and the detail the quilter put into the work. I a couple of posts back you show how you quilted a hexie flower and it is so unusual and perfect for the pattern. Now if I can just remember what you did when I get ready to quilt mine! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  3. Very pretty quilts and, of course, such lovely quilting!

  4. They are beautiful quilts Leeanne and you have done beautiful quilting on them!! Gosh you have been busy!!

  5. Oh, how beautiful! Yes, I agree - you have been busy.

  6. You are so right, Leeanne - there's not a single thing you can't like about these beautiful beautiful quilts, and as always your quilting is gorgeous:) Lovely!!

  7. Wow, both these quilts are fabulous and you have done your usual gorgeous quilting. You have been busy!

  8. W.O.W. I am totally blown away that this applique quilt is her first applique project---GORgeous!!

  9. Wow, these quilts are gorgeous!!! What a great job Carol did making the applique quilt. And it is her first applique quilt, unbelievable. And as always you did a great job quilting them, Carol must be very content.
    I just saw your Sea Angels quilt, also, I love it, and the drawer your son made is so nice, he can make them to sell, indeed. If I lived in NZ, I sure would buy one.

    Have a nice day, Cisca

  10. These quilts are amazing and yes the applique detail makes it but squee your quilting is super dooper too

  11. You do such truly amazing your work!!

  12. How can I purchase this quilt pattern (Summer Maze)? I love it?