Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pre historic creatures....

I had a problem with cropping this photo?
Dinosaurs, dragons and other creatures sure make a wee boy happy.This quilt was made by Marcelle for her son, I'm sure he will be happy to snuggle under it.
Thanks for another great quilt to work on.

 click on the photo's to see the creatures 


  1. I am sure this little boy will love this - what thread did you use on this? Quilting looks awesome.

  2. I'm sure this will be a much loved quilt. I love the quilting you have done on the sashing- have to remember that.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! Simple but very effective! Lovely quilting....

  4. Those creatures are perfect for a wee boy's quilt. Going to bed with dinosaurs and dragons...a little boy's heaven!

  5. Oh Leeanne, I am just enjoying catching up with you and your quilting is phenomenal! Thanks for sharing!