Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Country Yard and my sewing...

The Country Yard Stitchery

A close up of some of the quilting I did on a shop sample for

This is a fantastic quilt shop that caters to many patch workers needs, beautiful fabrics, threads, friendly welcoming atmosphere.

I used a stencil for this part and used Signature variegated thread.
I also did an orange peel effect on the postage stamp blocks.

Needle turned block and orange peel quilting.

Now and then I get to make some things for myself..........

A bit of early Christmas cheer! Lynette Anderson's Christmas Fun Button Mystery BOM These are cute as anything...I haven't added the Gingerbread man button, I will add after the quilter has quilted it!

Strippy Classic

 This is my Leader/Ender project that I have been piecing for months now, just when ever I get a chance to sew I join my 2" squares. This is what I have got so far, it is 100" long and I need 7 of these babies! Already I am seeing double ups of my fabrics, still it won't matter.This may take many months or years to make, but that is AOK by me...
I got this pattern from Bonnie Hunters Leader /Ender book.I have just bought her other 2 books, recycling cotton husband better start hiding his shirts as he has some nice ones...100% cotton too!


  1. LOL I collect cotton shirts - op shop diving is fun ::))
    Denim jeans is another favourite

  2. The orange peel quilting really jazzes up the simple squares. Nice idea.

    What a pretty setting for your strippy classic. It reminds me of how they photograph the quilts for Kaffe's books: stone walls, old wood...

    I think my husband has some real nice shirts he hasn't worn in a long time. And he's on a trip this week. Heh heh heh.

  3. Hear, hear on The Country Yard's friendly welcoming atmosphere!!

    So, um, what are you making with 700" of 2" squares? That's a whole lotta leaders and enders.

  4. Beautiful quilting the orange peel quilting.
    Gorgeous machine cover, great idea..
    I keep meaning to use the leaders and ender method but never organized enough to do it..
    Julia ♥

  5. All the projects are lovely. I like that stencil quilting motif.

  6. You have been busy.....I am learning free motion quilting so I loved seeing your quilting.... the orange peel looks great for squares.... thanks for your comment on Sew Its Finished.....

  7. Your current leader/ender project looks lots of fun :-). I like how your sewing machine cover turned out - are those baby log cabin blocks I see in there?

  8. LOL, how perfect! I have started stitching my leftover squares (the centres of my klosjes) together, thinking it would be a great border some day! What an inspiration to keep at it! Thanks!
    Your quilt is stunning: yummy reds and the quilting is exquisite. And your cover; Gorgeous!
    Oh Leeanne I am so happy I had a chance to catch up with you a bit. You are always so inspiring!
    Big hug from me!