Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black & Cream and a present

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Gaynor made this quilt at a midnight madness class at The Country Yard
Simple yet effective, lots of comments about this  fabric, most like the cream with the black rather than white, it is a bit softer.

It seems to be the season for orange peel quilting....

Back of quilt

A birthday present

One spool pocket and a bit of hand quilting, makes for a nice bag I made for a friend for her birthday.

Another spool.....Happy Birthday Kerryn!


  1. I have seen this bag 'in person' and it really is very gorgeous!! And the orange peel quilting on the black and cream is very cool.

  2. Very beautiful quilt and bag.
    Quilt's colors are lovely and your quilting is very nice.

  3. I have that quilting template, but did not know that was the name of the design. I do want to try it out on a quilt soon. Your bag is cute and a clever use of the spool blocks.

  4. As the recipient of the lovely bag I am one lucky friend!! It is already filled with a stitching project and I just love it. A hug from me to you.

  5. Love the black/cream contrast. Great looking quilt.

  6. I so love the cream and black, might have to start another collection! Also love the bag.
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  7. Gorgeous bag and a stunning quilt! Lovely, Leeanne!
    :) ofcourse I think the spool is just perfect! LOL