Friday, June 3, 2011

babies.........butterflies....and sparkles

Just finished this quilt for The Country Yard as a sample for what you can do with the new 'Go Baby' die cutter, bright, simple and cheery.
In the four corners on the border I quilted "Go Baby"

Another cute baby quilt.Margaret has made this for friends who have adopted a baby, once again, bright and cheery.

Apart from echo quilting around the Elephants I did an all over paisley/clam shell loopy thing.

Marcelle has made this quilt for her cousin that has moved out from Ireland into an all white flat and Marcelle, thought she might like some colour in her life...well she will get it with this.

For a bit of sparkle I used a metallic thread to cross-hatch the scrappy squares and used a Maderia PolyNeon for the loops on the butterfly strips and feather border.

Thanks for stopping by, sorry I wasn't in to make you a cuppa!

P.S the photos are much clearer if you click on them to enlarge.


  1. Loving the kiddies quilts ::))

  2. Cute quilts..and I love the feathers in that thread. Have a good weekend!!

  3. Oh, those baby quilts are most adorable!

  4. Very cool quilts, I love the metallic threads.
    happy stitching, Michelle