Saturday, January 23, 2016

Back in the quilting saddle.

Thank you for your emails asking how I have been, you have been missing my blog posts and Facebook posts. I did have a good reason for the break, truly I did!
 I have had a lovely restful holiday pottering around, enjoying the company of family and of course some creating.
I had my granddaughter to for a week, the first thing she wanted to do was make a quilt............Awesome I thought, what quiltmakin' granny wouldn't be over the moon about that!? Completely her design, she wanted it to be a rainbow quilt.

When the rainbow raggy quilt was finished, 9 little 'quilts' were also made for her Guinea Pigs. Not sure they will stay nice and won't be worth laundering, but she was so happy and content to just sew away creating from the stack of fabric and batting pieces I gave her. Time to empty a draw out just for bits and pieces for her sewing time at grannies house!
Several trips to the playground were made as well as a trip to the beach and out for lunch, but other than that she was happy and content to sew and play with the Lego. Pretty easy!

I did finish a quilt for myself, which I really enjoyed making. Quite different to what I usually make  myself but I like this pattern and when I quilted this quilt fell in love with the fabric!

The fabrics remind me of my childhood, roaming in the long grass, riding my horse and hearing what was and still is one of my favourite songs "Wildfire" by Micheal Martin Murphey.

So down to the facts about this quilt:

"Tick Tock" - from Alison Harris' book Growing Up Modern.
Wee Wander fabric by Sarah Jane and a ecru Moda Solid.
Matilda's Own Wool/Poly batting.
Cream flannel backing fabric - super soft and cuddly!!
Panto Pattern: " Amour".
Thread: Superior Thread Omni 'Almond'.
Flange binding.
Finished size: 65" x 85".

Side by side while my granddaughter sewed her Guinea Pig quilts I also made more Scrappy Crossroads blocks.

The title for the post is "back in the quilting saddle", which I am, back quilting for my lovely customers, the postie is visiting more and more, with quilt tops packaged up ready to have some 'frosting' applied. ("Frosting" - a fun whimsical way to describe quilting). I can only show you sneak peeks at this point as one quilt hasn't arrived home to it's maker and the other is being quilted. This one was made with such love and warmth I could feel the love coming out of the fibres! Once again the hearts are perfect.

This one is not going to be finished in a hurry, it is a fairly full on custom job, but will be stunning when finished. The maker of this quilt popped around with her teenage grandchildren to see the long arm machine in action on her quilt. I can report she is over the moon with what I have quilted so far.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you aren't melting in this heat we are experiencing!


  1. It's good to know you managed some down time! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grand-daughter and what fun that she is on the way to possibly being a fully-fledged quilter someday. The quilting on all the quilts is smashing - but the custom quilting is amazing, I'm not surprised that the maker of this quilt was over the moon!

  2. Hi Leeanne, I wondered if you and your gd were managing to spend a little time sewing - tell her "well done from Granny's friend"! And great that you've done some for yourself as well, your scrap project is looking good. Love the quilt you are custom quilting - I bet everyone is excitedly awaiting its finish - no pressure!!

  3. Love that your grand-daughter wanted to make a quilt and what a great job she made of it. Hope the guinea pigs like theirs as well!! Amour is certainly getting a workout. Is that Amour with an extra heart on the customer quilt that is in the post? Love the photo of the custom quilting and how it shows the area that you have quilted makes the applique pop whereas the unquilted area it is receding. Great work my friend.

  4. You are passing on a wonderful legacy to your grandaughter in teaching her to sew Leeanne. I think its great. Glad to hear you are "back in the saddle" ... that one you are working on at present is rather stunning. Loads of work in it.

  5. I'm slowly getting back in the saddle after Christmas too. This time of year can be a real write off in terms of getting anything done! Your granddaughter's quilt is fantastic and so is yours. Love to see kids sewing, it's very heartwarming to know the next generation will still be making quilts once we are gone.

  6. how lovely to have a granddaughter who wants to and certainly can quilt, can see she will be an expert soon. Your quilt looks great too both the fabric and the quilting design look great

  7. Sounds like a great time with your granddaughter! I loved that she made little quiltlets for her Guinea Pigs! : )
    "Wildfire" was a favorite of my oldest daughter who loved horses as a youth. We saw Michael Martin Murphy in concert a couple of times for her sake.
    I am absolutely not surprised that your customer is over the moon with your quilting on that last quilt. Gorgeous!

  8. How nice you have a quilt making granddaughter! Her quilt is lovely!
    Your own quilt looks lovely, too, and I didn't hear of M.M.Martin before, but I like his Wildfire. How nice it takes you back to your youth!
    What a stunning quilt you are quilting! your quilting makes it even more superb! I understand why the maker is over the moon!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  9. Isn't it lovely having a grand-daughter that likes to sew. I have 5 grand-daughters, and only one shows some interest! Her quilt is lovely.
    LOVE your custom quilting Leeanne.

  10. Lovely to "see" you back! How nice to spend time with your good she likes to sew with you, her quilt is lovely!! Love your quilt, it is beautiful fabric!!Your scrappy crossroads blocks are looking good too! Love the quilting you have done, wow!! You are putting in some time on the bottom one, it is going to be stunning!

  11. How lovely that you got to spend family time and time just for you. Bet you are feeling on top of the world now! Love what your granddaughter made :)

  12. So glad you had some time off and hung out with your grand daughter. That last quilt you are custom quilting is going to be stunning!!

  13. Leeanne, it's lovely to hear that you had a "proper" break. We all need and deserve them from time to time. Your granddaughters quilt is gorgeous. Her top row of flannel reminds me of the first shaggy quilt I made for my son as it had that fabric in it. He actually asked the other day if I would show him how to make another one and he's now 25 so that's pretty cool.

  14. Lovely to see your granddaughter enjoying chilling out with you. She looks so proud of her quilt. Love the new quilt you are doing my amazing friend x