Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orca Bay step #2 and a Christmas party

72 ....3.5" strippy squares finished! And I love them and loved making them :-) I used recycled printer paper for my foundations, set my stitch length to 1.5 and used a 90 needle just as Bonnie said and it worked great. When I made  Brooke's quilt I used fabric foundations and it worked well too, but for 3.5" blocks I think paper is the way to go!
Brooke's quilt

This wee block is my favourite, the little house in the middle, this came from my fabrics for my Blue & Yellow Dresden Plate quilt I am making....sneaky aye!
So when my rulers arrive from Australia I can start step #1.

Check out other Orca Bay finishes here...........

On Monday we had our Christmas party for our group of patchwork friends, we all know each other through The Country Yard.We all had to come with a plate for a shared lunch, hand stitching, and a handmade gift. I got this beautiful covered clear file book from Kerryn. I have put my printouts from The Bonnie Hunter mystery in the pages.
There were some lovely gifts made, I forgot to take a photo of what I made!.......
Here are some of us making decorated paper bags and cards....some where very creative, others who I won't mention any names did the bear minimum!


  1. Orca Bay is looking good ... I just had a look at my step 1 pieces. If you cut a square 2 and 3/8ths of an inch, cut it in half on the diagonal, the pieces will be the same as if you used the ruler. You can then sew a black to a white and voila, you have half a block. Try a block and see. the finished hourglass block should be 2.5inch square.... that is if you can't wait for the ruler. Cheers Jane

  2. Hope those rulers turn up soon, I'm sure mine came within a few days. Maybe they sold out and have had to re stock! As so many are doing this mystery. On Bonnie's link for part 2 you are 99 and I'm 101! And this is just bloggers that are doing the mystery.

  3. Wow your sewing machine must have been humming!
    Hope those rulers turn up real soon for you..
    Looks like a fun day was had and some lovely gifts were made!

  4. Your blocks are looking fab! I wondered how easy it was to remove all the papers? - I guess the large needle and small stitches make it easy-peasy?

  5. I couldn't find Bonnie's rulers locally either. I didn't want to wait for an order so I used a 'Fons & Porter' Half & Quarter ruler by Omnigrid. It worked well for the hourglass blocks and I hope it'll still work if I need it again with this quilt.

    I like the house in the middle of your block too. Very cute. Can't wait to see what else you do with your quilt top. I'm using the black and white for the hourglass units. Pinks and purples for the secondary color and green/blue/tealish for the main color. Here's hoping.

    Thank you for popping into my wee space on the www.

  6. Congrats on getting step 2 finished. Once those rulers arrive you'll be flying along :)

  7. Your blocks look fantastic, I love the blues and the little house in your favourite block is gorgeous. I love your new Christmas header too!

  8. Your blocks are great, I love toile and I love plaids. They're completely awesome.

  9. I really do like the look of string blocks and of course, yours look great.