Saturday, November 26, 2011

cushion, customer quilt finished and part 2 of the mystery

A wee finish of mine, I have made this for one of my sisters, but first it will be a sample at The Country Yard. I did the stitchery using Cottage Garden thread, the pattern was designed by Sally Giblin the Rivendale Collection called "Sisters".

the back of cushion  

Finished this Chook quilt yesterday for Ngaire, well her 18 year granddaughter made this from a panel.
I had fun photographing in the wild wind we are experiencing here in Northland.
Eight blocks down, sixty four to go! I had to miss step one as I haven't got the rulers Bonnie recommended (they are on their way). I cut 72 x 3.5" squares from recycled printer paper, set my trusty 801 Bernina to 1.5 stitch length   and made some. I didn't have many blue strings as I used many on this quilt , so I had to cut some from my 1.5" strip draw.


  1. That wind is a nuisance at the moment isn't it? :OS I had the same problem today! Your cushion looks gorgeous, lovely fabrics and the quilt made by the 18 year old is wonderful hope she makes many more!
    You will be pleased your mystery quilt is under way looking forward to seeing the end result!

  2. We are also having really strong winds in Hamilton! I love your cushion, it is very feminine and pretty. Your blue string blocks look great, it will be interesting seeing this one develop.

  3. Your sister's cushion is gorgeous. And the chook panel has come up well - were the flying geese apart of the panel too, or were they sewn? Lovely. Good to see you were able to make a start on your mystery even though you haven't done part one. Looking interesting so far!

  4. Yay, your mystery quilt is underway! I've only had time to sort my strings, not actually sew with them yet :)

  5. That chicken quilt is adorable! :)