Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ho, Ho ,Ho...Merry Christmas!

Here you go Marcelle!
I phoned Marcelle yesterday to say her quilt is finished and she said  "you haven't posted on your blog about it?" I said " Well I thought I would give it to you first". "Oh no, I'd much rather see it on your blog first, as I don't do surprises very well". Says Marcelle. I laugh and say, "ok I will post in the next couple of days."

Made using all her Christmas scraps........

.........including the back!

"Please quilt simply" says Marcelle...........

Merry Christmas Marcelle!!

Last night I attached the last hand painted button to Christmas Fun by Lynette Anderson and hung it on my quilt rack next to my Christmas tree.
I really enjoyed hand quilting, just going with the flow, no rush ( although the last couple of days I did think to myself it would be nice to have it finished for this Christmas:-)!!!
When I had thread basted ready to quilt I realised I hadn't done some of the stitching on the edges of the blocks......!!!! Then I thought, does it really matter. I put YoYo's in my four corners just for something a bit different. My Reindeer row is going the opposite way, my house is it isn't exactly the same as Lynette's.....because if it was, well then it would be hers! 


  1. Hi Leeanne

    Love your quilt, very cute.


  2. I love this quilt with the gift packages! really well done! I've rarely seen with this model! BRAVO BRAVO!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful, I love this pattern, and you have found the perfect spot for it.

  4. Marcelle's quilt turned out beautifully - so colourful and Christmassy. And good on you for getting the handquilting done on Lynette's wallhanging in time for Christmas - a unique version :-)