Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Orange Orca Bay Mystery

Well Orange, gold, burnt orange, terracota...you get the picture!
I was thinking what have I got that is orange to use to photograph my string blocks?...check out the photo's and see for yourself!

I was wandering around the garden looking for something orange, not finding anything....someone 'helped' me!!
Thank you Rose....I knew there was a reason I left the papers on the back!
I did a good chunk of my blocks how Bonnie first said to do them ( trim to 5.5" square, then trim my triangles) Then I did the rest by simply cutting in half diagonally then trim up using my special ruler .

Please check out what others are doing with their mystery, here..........

If I was doing red blocks like many I could have photographed my blocks with my red Hollyhocks......

Need some Christmas spirit.....? Please go to Leeann's blog for a funny Christmas video and to see her lovely red sting blocks, Leeann is from Northland New Zealand like me!


  1. Wow ... it is looking really good! Mine are set to be done this weekend coming.

  2. You've done well. I like the idea of putting Rose the cat next to them.

  3. Hmmm you have given me an idea. My cat Oscar is grey & black, so next time we do black/neutral blocks he might have to be the model! Rose looks very beautiful and playful too. Oscar isn't the most beautiful (shh don't tell him)but he has heaps of personality. I'm going to Wellington on Friday so don't think I'll get the next clue done, hopefully it's not too big and I'll be able to catch up! Thanks for linking to my blog too. :-)

  4. Lovely colors for the string blocks, that looks like my kitty :)

  5. Glad you have help there!
    lovely red hollyhock.

  6. Well done... :O)
    Gorgeous hollyhock!

  7. Looks like Rose has decided to widen her job description ... not just a model, but a quilt inspector!!! Looks like she is really inspecting hard in the first picture :)

  8. What a great helper. Your quilt will look great whenh its finished. SO many people are doing this one... it does look great!

  9. I have an orange helper as well. His name is Scrapper! LOL! Gotta love the orange!