Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A cushion I made from scraps leftover from a secret project and a doiley.

 A CD pincushion I made for a friends birthday. I haven't forgotten to make yours Helen. I have made quite a few of these for people, here is where I got the idea.
A few weeks ago I got together with a few friends and we had a pin cushion bee. many laughs later, someones nearly landed in a cup of coffee out of frustration! Another ditched her's all together and started over!



  1. All your pincushions are wonderful Leeanne, I especially love the doiley one!

  2. Ha! Cute cushions... I think I will always giggle when I look at my version of your heart pin cushion---what was it called - a 'make do' or a 'what not'or something!!

  3. What a great pincushion collection you have... love the heart one!