Saturday, February 4, 2012

smile when the postie comes knocking on the door..........

Pictures of yumminess! Lucky me won these from  Julie please check out her blog, it is always a feast for the eyes and look at her header quilt, it is plaidyumminess!
More bloggy surprises were found  last week when I was reading one of my favourite blogs................a photo of my Buggy Barn Quilters Village quilt! I posted about it here but you can see it on the Kansas troubles blog 



  1. Your kitty is trouble!
    I went to 'Kansas troubles' blog and had to laugh at all the miss spellings of your name! I thought I was the only Le(e)ann(e) That happens too!

  2. I love the colours of the wool... do you have plans for them?
    That kitty looks like he is up to mischief...

  3. Oh yummy felt - lovely colours; lucky you!!

  4. oops - looks like my comment was lost!! Love the colours - lucky you to win these :-)