Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding time to play

Trying to find times to play is sometime difficult, I'm sure you will agree very important to keep your sanity.
So with a big part of Sunday to myself I stopped procrastinating & did this make over...............

I bought this cupboard many years ago from a OP shop, it was some nice wood, I got bored with that, rag painted it with white paint then the teal colour. And now years later got bored with it & gave it a new look.
Notice the cushion sitting on the cupboard? I showed you a couple of weeks ago that I had started it, well there it is all finished.

My first go with wool felt, the stem & leaves are from a tweet jacket I found at the OP shop for $5. The flower is from the pack of wool felt  I won from Julie.
I have also finished a Eye spy quilt too, but will show you that later.
Our cat Brian has been doing well without his tail, just has the problem with cabin fever!
Thanks for all who have asked about his progress.
The rain is easing off here, some places have been badly affected.

Wishing you all a magical day!


  1. Poor little Kitty - glad to hear he's recovering. Your cushion is lovely and looks great on top of your new-look cupboard.

  2. Great colour you've chosen for your cupboard, the cushion looks right at home perched up there.
    The wind has stopped here but now we too have the rain... hope you dry out soon...

  3. LOVE you new custom-ization - Awesome! so glad I stopped by to catch this. Please give dear kitty my best for his speedy recovery...

  4. I like that bright color. I wish I knew how to do some custom painting. I have a feeling I wouldn't have the stamina to see the project all the way through.

  5. The cupboard looks gorgeous, I love the make-over you gave it. The cushion is beautiful too and looks perfect in that spot.