Saturday, March 24, 2012

A customer quilt & taking you to "On The Edge"............

This quilt has such beautiful colours, big prints & a clever design that it really does seem to suit an allover quilting design. Joan  made this quilt for her granddaughter, I'm sure it will be well loved.
The pattern is called "The Big EZ' by Bloomcreek. Joan chose cotton batting & bought a organic cotton for the backing.

I finally got to take my menfolk to the local gallery -"On The Edge"  to see some of my quilts on display.....& wouldn't you know it the batteries were running low on the camera, anyway have a wee look & see what you think?

My Under the Southern Stars

My, Lynette Anderson 'My garden' button BOM

 This photo shows my 'Stitching Round The Block' cushion as well
as Raewyn's & Kerry's ( see this post for more details). Also a bag I made. The quilt on the bales hay was made by Raewyn.

This quilt was made for our friend Jacki's 70th, we all made a block that we felt was related to our relationship we had with her personally. I didn't make a block but donated my time to do the quilting.

Dark as this photo is.....arrrrgg....low batteries! shows Noeline's 2 bolsters & cushion, Noeline's embroidery is out of this world stunning! The patterns Noeline used are by Crabapple Hill. The quilt is a Cinderberry stitches made by Jules.

The quilt laying on the table was made by Rachael, who also made another lovely one that missed out on getting a photo because of the battery situation! The quilt in the background was another 70th birthday quilt that was jointly made for Mary. Jule's , Mary's daughter quilted this one. Below is the block I made.....

 This display of quilts from The Country Yard as well as some beautiful photography & other art is on display for another week, after that the exhibit changes. Richard & Shari are wonderful host's that have a done a fabulous job of creatively displaying all work. So if you are in Whangarei  area pop along to On The Edge Gallery.
Raewyn has some nice shots of the gallery too, she didn't seem to have a problem with her batteries!!!


  1. Lot's of beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing.

  2. Fabulous quilts. Thanks for sharing them. I'm still thinking about our trip up to The Country Yard we made last Thursday and the great service we received. How I wish I lived closer.

  3. Neat that you got back in for another look. (And managed to drag your menfolk along!) Love that block you did for Mary's quilt. Those are neat colours in the quilt Joan made, aren't they.. and a lovely design too.

  4. Your customer's quilt is lovely and your quilting looks beautiful too. All the quilts on display look fabulous.