Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last day of March post.

Quilts that have stitchery can be problematic from the angle of how to quilt?
Some quilts that have come my way do have stitchery blocks, like any block there needs to be some quilting to anchor the layers together, but how,  so no quilting goes over the stitching?
Because of the size of these blocks some quilting was needed in the blocks, for smaller blocks you can just quilt in the ditch & maybe around the stitchery.

*Note about the name and designers of this quilt: "Sunbonnet Friendship" by Liz Toth and Carol McSherry. I hope this helps for all of you who have contacted me about this quilt.

The three centre blocks I did a echo loop/chicken feather filler.

For the rest of the blocks....... my version of the well used stipple.
Jill did take several months to finish this quilt, just fitting sewing/stitching in & around her busy lifestyle.

I love this true! " A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are slightly cracked"
You can see the looping flower/heart filler for the pieced parts of the quilt. As well as the wandering loop on the sashings.

I finished a shop sample for The Country Yard.  This would make a nice quick gift to give some wee baby, I love the faces of the animals.
sorry about the washing in this shot! I was battling the wind.

Very simple quilting, bobbin fill top & bottom.


  1. Beautiful Leeanne... my favourite one is the girl on the swing with the wind beneath her! You've done a beautiful job...

  2. The bobbin fill looks good on Jill's quilt - the quilting has come up well with out overpowering. I like the echo loop filler - very nice. Cute sayings. Very cute panel also.

  3. Beautiful work as usual and WOW what a lot of work too

  4. Oh so pretty...looks great!!!

  5. Love the piecing and embroidery combo. Beautiful quilting Leanne. Happy Easter!

  6. Thaey all look really beautiful. Have you changed your blog pics - I think I must have missed something.