Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stitch in the ditch & come meet the team!

Jenny had me quilt her two mystery quilts she made through The Country Yard

Jenny only wanted ditch stitching & on the one with the red border she had me quilt a heart on the centre block & a meandering flowering vine on the border. here & here you will see I have quilted both these before for others.

Meet the 'Quiltme' team............................

My Bernina Aurora 440 is my main quilting machine, it is fantastic, I love the short term memory capability & the needle up/down setting too.
Next is my backup for when my 440 is in having a service.

My Bernina 830 another great machine. No short term memory or needle up/down setting, but a lovely stitch. I bought this a few years ago off Trademe. These machines date back to the early 70's but to look at it you would think it was new! Who ever owned it it hardly used it.
Next my piecing machine..............................

My Bernina 801, I have had this since I was ten. A great machine, absolutely nothing fancy on it, no bells, no whistles but it sews beautifully.

I have a  Bernina overlocker too..........do you reckon I like Bernina's?

Wishing all peace while you piece & quilt!



  1. Your quilting is beautiful as always. Interesting to see your preferred machines! I have a Pfaff machine that is about 20-odd years old.

  2. I think you just might like Bernina. My first machine was a Bernina 801 given to me by my parents for my 21st - 39 years ago and sadly it died about 2 years ago. Since bought a simple Janome, what I love about it is needle down and needle threader - bliss, but, I was sad when bernina died.

  3. Great little team you have there! Do you have them in a special table or do you have a connecting flatbed thingy(sorry couldn't think of the word I wanted ;O)
    Cute quilts too!

  4. I think you may have a Bernina fetish! My question for the day is "how closely do you pin when basting to do straight line quilting?"

  5. Fun post - there's a sameness about your photos...!!!

  6. Too cute! I have a Bernina 770 (an old green machine) and a newer 630. I love them! Would love an old 830 though!

  7. I love the old Berninas... I have two 1020's that are about 25 years old :-)

  8. So I see you have a love affair with Berninas too! I have owned 4 so far and love them.

  9. Just visiting by.
    I have my mothers Bernina 530 I think which is probably 60 years old. Mother bought a new one a long long time ago and let me buy hers at the trade in price. She regretted letting me have hers :). It is a bit slow now but still stitches beautifully.
    Alexa-a simplelife from Sydney, Australia