Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another customer quilt & soup

sorry about the uncropped photo
You are not seeing double.......this quilt has featured on my blog before, well the same pattern.
Lois made this quilt for a gift for a relative living in her home country of Canada. But this is not the only quilt she has made as a gift to take over this sir........she has made five others! Now that is giving.
For those of us who know Lois, also know she is often ( fondly ) known as, 'The cat lady".......see the cats in the house windows?
  I have quilted many flimsy's for Lois, & ninety % of the time there are cats involved, if there is no cat fabric, then I get asked to quilt cats, as seen on this quilt.
The pattern called 'Somerhill' is a Gail Pan design.
Thanks again Lois! I'm sure your family will be most delighted with your beautiful quilts.

I have been making roast pumpkin & garlic soup for a few years now & love it. But when I was roasting some veges to go with meat I got to thinking............I heard one of the ladies at retreat talking about sweating the leeks in butter..............
So here is my Roasted Thinking Soup..................
Roasted Thinking Soup.

Throw some whole garlic cloves (unpeeled, you just squeeze the gooey garlic out after it's been roasted)
in a large roasting dish with some oil.
Chop & peel pumpkin, carrots, kumera, I had a one small potato, so I threw that in too. Season with salt & pepper, toss through so everything has a nice coating.
bang it in the oven......turn the oven on! That helps them roast :0)
Turn a few times. The veges not the oven.
Slice one large leek, stick that in a pot with a good dollop of butter, set element to medium, pop the lid on & let the leek sauna begin! Keep an eye on it from time to time.
Boil the jug (make sure you have already had at least one coffee) find your chicken stock.
When the roast veges are nice & soft, squeeze out the garlic from the skins, add to processor along with the other roast veg. Pour in some chicken stock, add the leek & get your ear muffs.....& whizz!
Add as much chicken stock as you like. Maybe you like your soup real thick.

This has to be the nicest soup I have ever tasted........still there is something about Mum's vege soup!



  1. very cute quilt, did you mark black lines on the red fabric or is that part of the fabric?

  2. nice!!!! those colours are gorgeous!

  3. Five!!
    And your soup sounds yummo (love your recipe too!). My kids adore soup, which is great 'cause I can hide so much good stuff in it ;)

  4. Might just have to try that recipe one day...

  5. Five quilts! she's been a busy girl :O)
    There's something quite homey about soup isn't there, it looks delicious.

  6. Soup sounds amazing - and love the recipe - I will be trying this out soon :)

  7. Oh, I do love Gail Pan patterns and your quilting is lovely as usual! Thanks for the soup recipe, I made it for lunch today and it was delicious.

  8. A delightful quilt and I love how you are quilting it Leeane. Your recipe sounds a lot of fun - with the chilly blast due imminently it sounds like a good idea. I'll have my ear muffs ready for the cold and the food processor!

  9. good work!
    you can find Superior University at . They're great people & have great threads, and now they'll be carrying fabric too!

  10. every quilt needs a cat in it!
    Love it!!!
    love Leanne

  11. Ta have written recipe down - leeks in garden too!
    Love L