Wednesday, March 27, 2013

need some colour in you life?

Well you've come to the right place today! I have two customer quilts to share with you that are vibrant.
The first was made by Jacki for her daughters 21st present. Apparently she loves VW combi vans.

Groovie aye!
 Jacki did machine applique for the vans, I love that she has two different styles/models. Jacki supplied the polar fleece backing, we also put cotton batting into the equation.

polar fleece backing

I used Madeira poly neon's & Gunold threads, a bit of curved cross hatching, some feathers, peebles & even some rope on the sashings. For the border I wanted to create a prairie point look.

Next is a cute baby quilt that was whipped up by one of our Country Yard friends using a lovely farmyard range of fabrics by Heather DuPont called : "Home to Roost".

Simple snowball blocks & little pinwheel blocks that have been framed. For the snowball blocks I did a large swirl using YLI 'wonder invisible thread' ( I used that for the ditch stitching too, I normally use 'sewart invisible thread, but it is no longer available :-( .
Large swirls, or any large design is tricky to quilt free motion on a DSM, you do have limited hand space, so if you click on these photo's you will my whoopsies!
For the framing on the pinwheel blocks I have a very hi tech name for that design : loopy things!
I also did loopy things on a larger scale using variegated thread on the borders.

Here is a view of the back when I had it draped over the couch.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, with friends & family & the odd bit of chocolate munching!
I always enjoy your comments & visits!


  1. Those are some snazzy looking buses in the feathered wreaths. Groovy, for sure!!
    *LOL* Love the "loopy things". What a technical name for them. : )
    Nice job--seeing the quilting from the back brings it all together. Very good looking!

  2. those are just gorgeous Leeanne, I love what you have chosen to quilt on them too :-) they both really suit the types of quilts they are. Makes the Kombi vans really stand out too - well done!!!! You have been busy my friend :-)

  3. Your quilting is always wonderful, but you've really outdone yourself on the Camper Van quilt! Love it all - ropes, feathers, pebbles, etc. Gorgeous :)

  4. Total wow re VW quilt - I bet her dd will love it. Your quilting compliments both the quilts.

  5. Great to see Jacki's finished quilt - I saw it in the 'hunt for more fabric' stage and wow isn't it fun? Love how you quilted the border with those faux prairie points.Great work on the Home to Roost quilt too!!

  6. Beautiful quilts!!! You did well. :)

  7. They're both lovely, but that VW quilt is particularly awesome! I could imagine it really appealing to a certain generation.

  8. Lovely bright quilts, happy Easter Leeanne!!