Saturday, June 8, 2013

scottie dogs

Hi all, just a quick post of a quilt I finished at the start of the week, but it has now gone home to a happy owner.

Susan's mother wanted this quilt, so she happily made it for her, then sent it to me to quilt.
I thought the cross hatching would suit the traditional feel to the quilt, more straight lines on the borders with some stipple.

I am enjoying our lavender hedge when I sit outside for coffee or lunch, the bees & bumble bee's love it too!


  1. Oooh! Wow! I like your doggies. So neatly done.
    They look like happy old buggers.

    Today I posted a blog on quilted cushions on my blog. And last week I had one on a "côte d'azur" quilt:

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Such a cute Scottie dog quilt. I like the cross hatched background. Good call!
    Hmm, love lavender. My plants aren't in bloom yet this year.

  3. Love the hatched background too makes the little Scotties pop.
    I too love lavender - next time your down our way try and visit A stunning place!

  4. Susan's Scottie dogs are so cute and I love the tartan look. The cross-hatching sets them off well!

  5. I really love that quilt - the tartan colours are perfect & love how you have quilted it but not too much. Makes the dogs really pop out :-)

  6. The cross hatched background is perfect for the subject. And the subjects are very cute!

  7. What a lovely quilt Leeanne, and your quilting brings those puppies to life. It really is the winterless North - my lavender is looking well past flowering, and in need of a good hack back. Enjoy your sunshine!

  8. Another lovely quilt, I love the cross hatching. Nice to see the sunshine and lavender!

  9. Love love love the quilt. Yes, I would cross-hatch too!!! Great job, as always.