Sunday, August 25, 2013

1 Xmas item

The 25th has zoomed around again. This wee Cross stitch was a kit I bought from a suitcase sale at retreat earlier in the year. I have been making myself finish it for the last couple of months.

The thing is only about 11" x 16" but did I grumble! Grumble, grumble that was me! Moaning ole cow! I did not enjoy making this. Years ago before patchwork took over my life, I was a cross stitching junky. But now I would be happy never to do it again. The design is by Terri Lyn Richards, Shepherds Bush Printworks. The cool wire hanger I bought from the best quilt shop ever! The Country Yard.
Thanks again to our magical Elf Narelle for nudging us all to complete something each month.

Speaking of completions, I whipped this up yesterday ( another purchase from the suitcase sale.....thanks Rachel! ).........well she still needs eyes, but other than that she is finished.

Design from Country Keepsakes. She looks a little on the wild side don't you think?

When I am in my studio quilting I often listen to talking books. This was the last lot I listen to.........

Then I try & read in bed at night.....I usually don't get far before I nod off! I finished Clare O'Donohue's next 'A someday quilts mystery' The Devil's Puzzle.

Thanks for stopping by to my neck of the woods!


  1. I'm with you on the cross-stitch. I used to do it ALL the time. I have saved two patterns that I would love to have made, but I may need to trade my SIL a quilt if she will make them for me. : )

  2. I'm another cross-stitcher from days gone by :o)
    Yours looks lovely and very fine...what count is it?

  3. The completed cross stitch sampler looks great. Love the hanger, it is so appropriate.

  4. Can't believe we are only 4 months from the "Big C" ... can't bring myself to type the word!!! Love your little pinkeeper :)

  5. What a lovely X-mas sampler and such cute button. And the hanger is so nice. I love the pinkeeper with her wild hair. I hope you let her see with her eyes!
    I noted the writer of the book. Her books look like the 'Bennie Harper' books, from which a have the whole series. I'll look for these, too!

    Have a lovely day, Cisca

  6. Love both your makes Leeanne ... the x-stitch is very detailed - adore the hanger you have it on :-)
    I particularly love your pinkeep, I think its her wild hair that appeals so much. Happy week to you x0x

  7. Morning x I love your Cross Stitch and must say I used to be a cross stitch junkee once too and funny patchwork took over for me (mostly stitchery at night)!! I do get a hankering every now and again though but just don't get to dig out the unstarted projects sitting in cupboards. Love your pinkeep too and on a later post Tracey's quilt is just wonderful and very very special. Hugs.

  8. I love your cross stitch so I'm glad you persevered, it's beautiful. And I love your pinkeeper, such a great pattern.

  9. Good on you for persisting with the cross-stitch, it has turned out beautiful, and the hanger looks like it was made for it :-) Your wild pinkeeper is gorgeous!!! I still haven't got around to investigating the talking books but I must - they seem a real good idea :-)

  10. Your cross stitch is lovely, even if it did give you a grumble or two. And now you have your own voodoo doll to stab when you do get grumpy!!

  11. I think your cross stitch is lovely, you moaning ole cow... haha love that description!! 11 x 16 isn't big in patchwork talk, but that's a good size cross stitch so you did great. Lovely little lady to look after your pins too...