Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1 Xmas item & stars

Geezzzzzzzzzzz it's the 25th, what the hang is happening to time?? Did it go where the lost socks are? Maybe where the missing money from my wallet is?
Even though time has zipped by, I did manage to fulfill my obligations.

Back in 2011 Lynette Anderson commissioned me to quilt this fun quilt for her. You can read more about it here.Anyway, as well being paid for my quilting Lynette gifted me with a bundle of her fabrics! Called Scandinavian Christmas. I had made a couple of little blocks, but never sure what step to take next.
Then I bought a Birdhouse pattern from The Country Yard & some Cottage Garden Thread called 'Warratah' & got stitching! I used some of the fabrics for borders & binding.

The pattern comes pre cool is that! That's like sliced bread to stitchers! I stained my background fabric with Parisian essence to give me that aged look, top it off with a rusty hanger & I am happy.
Thanks AGAIN to Narelle for hosting this mover & shaker!

Next I have been going to a class at my fav shop. The class is called 'Star Mastery' taught by Raewyn.
So you might be thinking, why go to a class, anyone can make stars? Well yes & no. I think it is a good idea to brush up on my cutting & piecing skills, it is easy to get complacent when you have been a patchworker for a few years, anyway it is a good excuse to meet up with like minded people & support your local patchwork shop.
Raewyn taught us a cool no waste method of making the flying geese.

I am using my fav fabric.....Kansas Troubles & a few others into the mix. I had a helper when taking these photo's. Brian was keeping my block holder warm while I took the photo's. Just happy to have a ole fella back!

Yabba dabba do, that's all folks!
Back soon with a customer quilt.


  1. Hey Leeanne, Love the stitchery and also that it is pre printed....hmmm may have to visit my fav shop!! And the year is really flying by.
    Take care, hugs Kerry xxxx

  2. I'd love to take a class from Raewyn. Those are lovely stars--and I love KT fabrics, too. I've made 4 bed quilts from them and a few minis. What are your plans for the stars? Do you have a quilt in mind?

  3. it's always a good idea to take a class once in awhile...just to brush up your skills or maybe learn something new. ...not to mention it's fun to sew with others! Brian is such a sweet kitty!

  4. Oh very cool santa stitchery ... love that colour thread you have used Leeanne. Lovely stars you are working on but I especially love Brian keeping your block holder warm :-) Has he mentioned where he went to you yet . . . ????!!!!

  5. I so love the christmas quilt and the santa looks fab!! I also like the photo of Brian-he acts just like my moggy!

  6. Lots of nice eye candy Leeanne. Good on you with doing yet another 1 Xmas Item this month...sadly this month has sped by too fast for me to get one started even!! Love your stars - yes, those KT fabrics are gorgeous... and I must admit I am enjoying the classes!!!

  7. Love the Santa stitching. Three months to xmas ... I've made a start on cards, but I can't face anything else yet :)

  8. Love your Santa stitchery. The star boths are beautiful too. hugs......

  9. Lovely wall hanging.
    Good for Brian making himself useful :)

  10. What a nice picture of Brian. :) And I really like your Santa!

  11. I love your Santa wall hanging, lovely pattern and your stars are looking beautiful!

  12. Hey I have figured out how to comment again. Love your blog Leanne.

  13. Oh your Santa is gorgeous Leeanne, love him. So now clever Raewyn is a teacher too...your stars are looking great....