Saturday, September 28, 2013

Arty, practical & freebies!

Hi all, I hope your days are happy & rewarding. I am pleased you made the time to stop in to say hi! Well, some of you don't say hi, you just pop in for a look about & leave. Either way it nice to have you here.

Customer quilt...................................(sorry for the bad photo's, we have had wild weather here, so it had to be photo's inside, because it just doesn't work on the washing line outside!)

Friend's of Gaye wanted her to make them a quilt, they chose a quilt designed by Suzanne Wray.
This quilt is large, measuring 95"x 95", when I phoned Gaye to tell her I had finished quilting, she asked if it did my head in?!! No I said, why? She told me she attempted the quilting herself but it did her head in!
Using three different variegated threads by Gunold I created a flowing water effect & rambling flowers, feathers & swirls etc.

I managed to get this & the following photo's on an angle on my sofa, so they are reasonable.

Next is something I was surprised at how quickly these whipped up. My next  installment fro the 'Sewing Essentials Project' from The Country Yard. Some handy pouches.

The smallest pouch measures only 5 1/2" x 3", the larger one : 7 1/2" x 4".

Karen over at 'Laugh your self into Stitches' is having a giveaway, please pop on over to see!
I was lucky to be gifted the wonderful patterns Karen design's, they are really lovely!!

P.S.......Karen is a real sweet person too ;-)


  1. Hi Leeanne, when you click on the pics & enlarge them, it really shows up your beautiful quilting ... amazing & really suits the style of the quilt I thought :-) Your little pouches are gorgeous ... & fiddly !! We are having wild spring weather here today too ... 4 seasons in 1 day !!

  2. Awesome quilting, really looks great on the quilt!
    Those zipper bags are super, I must try sewing one some day.

  3. Such lovely quilting, Leeanne! I don't know how you know just what a quilt needs.

  4. Hey just stopping by to say hi.........
    Lovely quilting on such a big quilt, am liking the flowing water effect, and ditto to Janet O,s comment. And you beat me to making the sewing essentials pouches!!! Good on you.
    Hugs xxxx

  5. Looks like you've had a lot of fun with the quilting on this one. Great effect mixing up the patterns/textures :)

  6. Great quilting Leeanne. I love the different designs you have used. They really suit the quilt.

  7. Beautiful quilting Leeanne and your little pouches look great! We've had wild weather too.

  8. Interesting quilt with all that fancy quilting - well done!! Great to see those little pouches appearing!!

  9. just love seeing your customer quilts

  10. I am really loving that quilt. The way you have quilted it really complemented the overall design.

  11. That quilting must have been fun and it looks great too, just right for the quilt. Cute pouches too.