Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another Log Cabin & a Gail Pan stitchery

Di has finished her log cabin quilt, started at a class at The Country Yard & finished a several 'Stitch & Chat' days at the shop. Di gave me free range to do as I please. I love how Di's fabric choice has given this traditional quilt a modern twist.
Busy & black fabrics are always difficult to photograph, but hopefully if you click on the photo's you will see what quilting I did.
I used Madeira poly neon threads over black cotton batting.

Because Di had given me free range, apparently there was some betting going on between Di & some of the girls that there would most certainly be feathers!
A bit of a modern funked up feather on the border though!

And one of the back..............................................................

Do you remember Barbara's one? How about Jocielin's? Or Kerryn's?

Thanks Di!!!!

Next a little runner quilted up for a shop sample. This is a Gail Pan design, using one of Lynette Anderson's new fabric's & a yummy Cottage Garden thread. It is heavenly at work surrounded by the complete full range of the fabulous threads!!

Kits & patterns are available from The Country Yard!!

I hope everyone is having a productive week, mine has been full on, with everything happening at once! Our beloved cat Brian hasn't come home for several days, which is very out of character for him.........we miss him!

 Here he is sitting behind Simon.


  1. Awww I hope Brian comes home soon!
    Love Leanne

  2. Love the funked-up feathers! : )
    The stitchery is so sweet--I love the border fabric, too.
    Hoping the best for Brian!

  3. Surprising to see Di chose black/white and some yellowfor the quilt! Love your feathers, and the back is also worth showing on a bed!
    Love the stitchery and fabric. I didn't know Lynette has her own threads, that makes it complete.
    I hope Brian comes back soon, I'm sorry for you!
    Love, Cisca

  4. There is definately something very stunning about black & white together. I just adore that table runner Leeanne. So very Sorry to hear Brian has not returned yet ... he is a lovely looking cat, him & his brother look like twins. I hope he just pops up on the weekend, looking like he has been on an "adventure". x0x

  5. That log cabin quilt is striking, and I am loving the Gail Pan stitchery!!!

  6. Beautiful quilting there Leeanne, Di will be very happy with it all, I should think!
    I have that new Gail design on my wish list... so sweet

  7. oh, i don't like to hear that Brian has not come home for days....i hope he comes home now...keep us all posted!
    Love Gail Pan designs...i met her at market this year. Very friendly person...i enjoyed meeting her.
    my best to you Leeanne! :)

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing Di's quilt 'in the flesh', Leeanne. And I'm hoping that by now, Brian has come home and settled himself down on a comfy cushion or quilt somewhere :-)

  9. Ah yes Leeanne, I like these feathers, they look like I would find them easier to do, thanks
    Julia ♥

  10. Great quilting as always. Hope Brian is ok :)

  11. Your quilting is amazing on Di's quilt and I love your table runner, beautiful!! So good to see that Brian has returned home now :)