Thursday, January 30, 2014

1st customer quilt finish for 2014

Fleur made this Toile quilt for her 2 year old granddaughter, who has a king single bed, Fleur thought 86" x 86" would hang down the sides of the bed nicely as well as take her granddaughter through later in life. It is a classic, timeless quilt. That's why we went for simple quilting over cotton/bamboo batting.
With 484   3" squares this was a rather lengthy job. See my high tech demo of how I marked the centre of each block. I was reluctant to use any marking pens for registration points, as I was worried the water used to remove my blue marker might cause bleeding of the red dye.

A ruler & pin.......measure to find the middle of each square, once found, quilt!

Working on a secret BOM I have piles of fabric ready to be bagged into special treat bags, along with a pattern & of course fabrics.

Somewhere in the days are the trips to the dump with piles of old 'stuff' eg; old fences, dead trees etc etc.

Somehow all this sorting & organizing helps to feel ready to take on the year, but when our cat Brian has decided to try the  life of a gypsy & walk back to our old house, hang out there for 2 weeks, then be happy to hop in our car & come home for a week, then walk back to the old house again, you do get to thinking! Still we know where he is & we know the people, so maybe we will share him?

 The heart is the tender thingxxx



  1. If all you did was mark the centers of those blocks, you sure made beautifully smooth curves on those petals, or orange peels, or whatever you want to call them. They look so uniform and nice! I'm in awe.
    The photo of Brian is a hoot! : )

  2. Love how your first customer quilt turned out - that is so simple but absolutely magic. Also love the puddy stretched out - miss that about not having a cat around.

  3. Wow!! That is actually stunning Leeanne - I really do quite love toile (its timeless) - but I think your quilting has really bought it to life - it will certainly be a quilt for a young person right through to older. Just gorgeous.
    Oh as for that Brian ... what a stressful life he leads trying to figure out which is the preferred house to live in ... he thinks you have nothing better to do than go pick him up every time he goes wandering. Gotta love that cat x0x0

  4. Very pretty quilt ... but oh what a lot of fiddle and ends to deal with! Bet you are glad it is done :)

  5. Beautiful quilting as always Leeanne.

    I love toile fabric and it surely will do the little one as she grows.

    So Brian is getting the best of both homes...clever cat!

  6. A very classic quilt and I think you chose just the right design. I'm finding myself more and more wary of those blue marking pens after finding them NOT washing out in water a few times. Chalk is good but it brushes off so quick. Not convinced about those Frixion pens yet. And pins prick you! Nothing is perfect, sigh, but Brian doesn't look bothered by that!

  7. I love the quilting Leeanne - am sorry about the 484 x 4 petal flowers you had to do but think the end result is so much more satisfying - and so glad you didn't mark square centres with a blue pen - I thought you would have just 'eye-balled' it or started where the diagonal lines would have intercepted - but measuring - wow!
    I will take a photo of it with the binding on and also on the bed - with the co-ordinating cushions and pillowslips I've made - and then I will have to try and post here to your blog - a challenge indeed...

    Thanks again for another superb effort! Cheers

  8. Contrary Brian!! Wait till winter - bet he will snuggle by the fire and stay with you then! The quilt looks great - very effective with that 'simple' quilting.

  9. Congrats on the finish! Your BOM project looks most intriguing!

    I do feel better re: taking out stitches. Thank you for the sympathy. :)

  10. Gorgeous classic quilt - what a delight it will be for years to come :)

  11. Wonderful quilting and I love the photo of Brian, isn't he a funny thing wandering back to the old home!!

  12. The quilting is lovely, so simple and elegant! I love the pic of Brian, our cat can often be found in that pose too, at least he gets well looked after at both places.... :-)
    I just noticed your header, nice quilt in the I still love it as much as the day it arrived back in the mailbox!

  13. My goodness, Leeanne - that's quite an accomplishment. That quilt looks huge!