Saturday, February 1, 2014

sneeky peek post

Blue sky's here in Northland New Zealand & look what I found on my trellis? Some secret blocks.

My next customer quilt. It will be some weeks before I can show you the finished job, so don't think I'm not working away, just that I am very good at keeping secrets when asked!

Our cat Brian (AKA 'Gypsy cat') has taken up sleeping in the garage of the old house, so we will deliver some food to the new tentants as they are happy to take care of him.
I love this photo of Brian, it was taken a few months after he moved in with us, he just arrived one day & blessed our life.

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  1. Well, I like the looks of whatever your secret is. : )
    Brian appears to be standing at attention--like he was watching a parade out the window (or maybe a bird).

  2. Naughty Brian, I hope he comes home and stays home soon.

  3. Your secret blocks look so lovely in the sun, (here it's grey and it' s raining, it looks like it is already evening), and
    I'm looking forward to see the customer quilt. Brian is a real Gypsy cat, to search for a new home!!!
    happy weekend, o, no, for you just Sunday,

  4. Oh those secret blocks look enticing Leeanne - gorgeous yummy colours too :-)
    'I just love your Brian - what a great attitude he has ... look at him sitting there like Lord of the Manor.

  5. Teasing us are you Leeanne. Those blocks look very interesting!

  6. Such an amazing weekend it's been! Hope you've had a good one too with your secret bits!

  7. Your sneak peek blocks are gorgeous, love the colours you are using. Another great photo of Brian :)

  8. What a beautiful block. You are a remarkable lady for being able to keep secrets!