Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a short video.

Some months back I bought two rulers from Accents in Design. I have only recently had an opportunity to have a play!
Please watch my very short video. You will notice I put the ruler at the back of my hopping foot (darning foot), I found working toward myself down the border the best. In the past when I have done a piano key border I have used my walking foot for ease of accuracy, but this way there is no turning the quilt back & forth.

 I applied a reasonable amount of pressure so the foot 'runs' along the edge of the ruler. I used one end of the ruler lined up with the red sashing so I knew my lines were staying straight.
I hope you enjoy & I am interested in any questions you have.


  1. Are you just eye-balling your spacing? Or did you make some marks? I can definitely see how it would be much faster than using your walking foot.

    1. Hi Suz,

      The ruler has etched lines for 1/4" & 1/2" marks, so you just line those up on your previously stitched line & hey presto! The ruler also has a Velcro strip on the underside of the ruler, so the ruler won't slip around on your quilt.

  2. Wow !!!! You make it look so easy Leeanne - I;ll bet its not :-) I'll bet I could make a pigs ear of it all ... & where is Simon leaning over your shoulder helping you I would like to know. Great video x0x

  3. Thanks for posting this, Leeanne. Nice job! I have been doing more ruler work lately, and the Velcro idea is intriguing.

  4. Must try that Leeanne, you make it look so easy.
    Julia ♥

  5. Was really fun to see you working. I bet it's harder than you make it look!!! I noticed you aren't wearing any 'grippy' gloves - is that how you generally work, or just when doing ruler work? :)

  6. Great video, you do make it look easy :) I'm thinking it probably isn't!!

  7. Very helpful ruler and so much better than eyeballing it all!

  8. Thanks for sharing your video. It really helps to "see" this technique in action.