Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a sneak peek.........................................

Happy Tuesday to you all, thanks for stopping by.
 I am working on a quilt for a new customer, this is always an exciting & nervous time for me. Fingers cross she will be happy.

I have also managed to stitch a panel for a bag I am making. Next month I am off to a retreat for a couple of days & a few of us decided to work on the same project. I will take other things with me, no doubt w-a-y too much stuff, but hey, a girl can dream!

The colours aren't showing up the best in this photo, but I have used a Cottage Garden Thread called " Rusty Gate".
I wondered if the following comic applies to anyone, or have you ever considered the offer!!

Tehehe.....................funny, I haven't had this happen, but it is funny!

See you in a couple of days with another customer quilt........no sneak peek either.


  1. OOOh, it looks PERFECT!!!! Thank you!!!!

  2. Waow - from Juliet's comment I can guess what you are working on! Looking good! I've done my angel too, isn't she a sweetie?!

  3. Beautiful quilting!
    Hmmm, I'd never thought to try slipping any green to move ahead on the list--maybe because I could usually just barely afford the quilting in the first place! : )

  4. Your quilting looks amazing Leeanne. I bet you are going to have one very happy customer. Good on you for getting your angel stitchery done. I am looking forward to watching progress at retreat and of course all the different takes on the pattern.

  5. More sneak peeks! Your top photo makes my eyes go funny - like the quilting is appearing in negative, concave shapes instead of puffy ones. It happens frequently on other quilting blogs and I have to kinda squint my eyes up and not look at the picture to make it go back to how it should look. Does this happen to any one else or am I the only weirdo?!
    PS, I can still tell the quilting is awesome!

  6. Cannot wait to see Juliet's quilt!! Love the comic... Does it work? :p

  7. I'm pretty sure Ms Lottie just has funny eyes (although I know what she means - I have a similar problem when I'm actually quilting)! That sneak peak is terrific - I love the tone on tone thread choice and organic feather design.

  8. Thanks Suz! I came back just to check and now when I look at it on my desktop screen it's fine, on the iPad it's still funny, but now that I've seen it 'proper' it's easier to make my eyes go normal when I'm looking at the funny one (if any of that makes sense!). I used to get it on Ivory Spring blog too.

  9. Beautiful quilting, how could a first time customer not love it?! Tehe, love the cartoon.... has it ever happened...lol...