Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Easter!

                       Happy Easter everyone!

I have a couple of pretty quilts to share with you that are soft pastel colours that make me think Easter for some reason. Cat made both quilts as gifts for friends........lucky friends!
Cat likes my cotton batting, so this was used in both quilts.

I thought this one was appropriate for Easter. Sadly the colours are much prettier than what is showing here, mind you it was an overcast  day when I took this photo. Measuring : 53" x 66".

Cat has been keen to use up scraps, her scraps are taking you have the same problem? They seem to multiply!
Cat chose straight lines for this one, which works well, this quilt will stand years of cuddles.

Next is another great one for using up the scraps too.

I continued the theme of straight lines on the heart, then I quilted some large curling ribbon. This one measures 45" x 52".

Cat used a vintage sheet for the backing & some of the blue fabrics where also vintage sheets.......she must go on some OpShop jaunts like me!

That's it for the quilt front for a few days. If you fancy hanging around I will happily share something I have been playing with, plus a sweet gift from a friend.

On one of my jaunts to our 'LOSP" (local OpShop) I found a 70's china cabinet for the grand total of forty dollars. It was in great condition, just needed bringing into the now! I pulled out the fabric speaker in the lower left hand corner & all the wires & old carpet, gave it a good clean, then set to work. I tried my hand at decoupage in the back part of the shelves where the glass sliding doors go. Hubby gave me some very old sheet music, plus I glued some vintage sewing paraphernalia papers, courtesy of the internet & some old lace etc then several coats of clear polyurethane.

I should have taken photo's before I dragged it in from the shed & put all my china in it, but I was so excited.
A few test pots of paint, masking tape, some old handles & even one of Mum's old Sylko wooden spools!

My next sharing is a gift from a friend that really surprised me! Such a sweet gift. There were Easter eggs in the bag, but someone ate them!!!!!!?????

The pattern was one of Bronwyn Hayes from Red Brolly .

I can tell you, I wasn't the only one to get one of these sweet bags......................thank you so much Aurely!

Wishing you all a Happy restful holiday.



  1. I love both those quilts Cat has made Leeanne - she sure does do some lovely work - I think you have posted her quilts before. Wow lots of gorgeousness for Easter in this post today :-)
    Your new/old wall unit looks amazing !!! Just goes to show what a transformation a bit of paint & ingenuity can make. Love your little easter bag from Aurely & that wreath in your last pic . . . wow !!! why isnt that hanging at my house ??!! Happy Easter my friend x0x0

  2. Nice quilts. But that cabinet really caught my eye! What new life you have given it!
    That is a delightful bag--very sweet gift.
    Happy Easter to you--love the wreath. : )

  3. Gorgeous quilts, absolutely love the cabinet, and sweet sweet bag - you lucky thing :) Happy Easter Leeanne :)

  4. The straight lines work so well! Gorgeous as always Leeanne :). And that unit is awesome, so is the gift... Happy Easter x

  5. Love your cabinet makeover! Happy Easter :)

  6. I am going to have a look at Cat's blog since I love both of the quilts!

  7. Hope your weekend is going well! Cat's quilts are good inspiration for using some scraps - yes, mine multiply as well :-) The straight lines work well on them. (Funny, my Easter bag is empty too!).

  8. LOVE the quilts - thank you so much -
    Great op shop find !! !! !!

  9. Happy Easter to you too Leeanne! Love the quilts you quilted for Cat, the double squiggly lines is a very cool effect.
    You've done a super job on the cabinet, it's so good to look beyond the obvious in the opshop and see the potential!

  10. Lovely quilts, I really love the pop of red in the heart. Beautiful quilting, I love the double squiggly lines too. The cabinet is gorgeous, well done!! What a good find!

  11. Happy Easter! Cat's quilts look like lovely vintage quilts already - soft and beautiful.

  12. Wow I do love what you have done to the old cabinet, wooden cotton reels for knobs, excellent idea. You have a lovely blog you clever lady you. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment. I too like finding kiwi bloggers!!