Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A cloud of butterflies & some farm animals

Juliet's "A Cloud of Butterflies" in all it's glory! Juliet is a clever designer of paper pieced (foundation) animals & now butterflies. A while back I quilted Juliet's New Zealand native bird quilt, see here,  Juliet used 'peppered cottons'. This quilt is made with Oakshott cottons.

 Apparently Juliet got given a bundle of these lovely fabrics. Juliet has captured the colours & shine much better than I did, we were having one of those dull days here in Northland.
Using Madeira poly neon threads with an all over swirl filler for the creamy background & a selection of other coloured threads for the butterfly details, such as their wings & antennae. Quilting over cotton batting & peppered cotton for the backing.

                              Just for you back lovers out there is the following photo!

Thank you for your custom Juliet.

Next up is a sample for The Country Yard. This quilt is called " Country Animals Quilt", by The Birdhouse. A fun simplistic design, this quilt top can be whipped up relatively quickly. We used a yummy new range of fabric's from Moda called 'Weave'.

Simple quilting, ditch stitching, loops & a word border. Oh & a 'quilted cow tail'!!

We have made up kits, which include the full pattern, all fabric, including binding, just add your machine, thread & time!

'deadline quilting'

back to quilting, happy days to you!


  1. I saw Juliet's quilt elsewhere and adored it! The Country Animals came up well too - love that new fabric range!

  2. Wow, Juliet's quilt is stunning! I love the way you have quilted it. That swirl design is a little different from what I have seen others do and I really like the look you have achieved with it. I have tried unsuccessfully to follow the path. I would love a tutorial on where you start with this design and how you go from one swirl to the next. I know you are probably thinking it is fairly obvious. Forgive my denseness, please. : )
    The animal quilt is so fun and playful--clever cow's tail quilted in!

  3. Love the butterflies, can you recommend one with dragonflies? Ok re: the wool blanket quilt, it is made from some patterned wool blankets. The the bold colours are dyed, using plain blankets cut into fat quarter size, We've had dyeing sessions in the past, when I've finished the quilt I'll post with some links to the relevant posts for you. No batting in between, not needed, it's pretty heavy ;-D I've used polar fleece on the back. We have one I made before on our bed, this one is for our son and his girlfriend :D

  4. Two really lovely quilts Leeanne - & quite different. I love them both, Juliets is stunning with the butterflies but I love the farm animals one also & especially the words you have quilted on it. Is that you in the last picture at your machine by any chance???

  5. Lovely quilts and great quilting as always Leeanne.

  6. Juliet's quilt is gorgeous and the quilting on it simply amazing. wow! love the farm animals - what a super happy quilt!

  7. Gorgeous and bright, just how I like things to be!!

  8. Oh the butterflies do look as though they are floating on clouds!! and the animal farm quilt is very scrummy also, but am loving the cartoon!!!! Thinking of you. Hugsxxxxx

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  10. Leeanne Dearest, thank you for the kind words left by me ...
    From you In NZ it is winter, we should get the 'summer, but this morning it's raining and I'm 13 degrees, brrrrr!
    Like you I love the 'winter, the source of so much inspiration!
    What can I say ... congratulations for what you show us in your post, wonderful quilt that every time I leave you speechless ...
    Continue to make me dream with your fabulous quilts ...
    A big hug and a kiss from me to the little brat and sweet Ginger.
    Love et bisous Ve

  11. Juliet's quilt is stunning and I did pop over to her place and admire it there as well. Interesting how the colours change in the light. I love those weave fabrics, and they make a cute quilt!

  12. LOVE how you've quilted that butterfly quilt. So many beautiful swirls and the complimentary butterfly body details. Gorgeous :)

  13. Your quilting is always so amazing Leeanne, I love the butterfly quilt and your quilting really makes it even more special. I did note the cow tail!

  14. The butterfly quilt looks perfect with the swirls and butterfly details Leeanne... Love the way you gave the butterfly character with your details. Oh, and the farmhouse quilt... So cute! I'll have to check out that designer - sweet! Keep up the good quilting - fabulous! Hugs, Karen

  15. Beautiful quilting Leeanne! Love the butterflies and the animals quilt!