Friday, June 13, 2014

The week as it was.......................................

They say time fly's, it sure does, some weeks just rocket by & you wonder, 'now what did I do this week'? Well last Thursday I went to visit with my aging parents. Mum's not too good, so I think it's best to try & make time to see more of her. I took the bag I had made her, see earlier post here. She loved it! With that done off we went for a long leisurely lunch, followed by afternoon tea at a lovely country cafe.

After an evening at my Brother & sister - in - laws I headed to Julie's place for a couple of days.
Julie & I both love the thrill of Opshopping. "One mans trash is our treasure!" Only problem with Opshopping with someone who likes the same things as you, it is only a matter of time before fights break out! I won some fights & sadly Julie won some!! Haha, seriously though, checkout the loot in Julie's car boot at the end of the day!

Also at Julie's are birds & kittens, I was tempted to bring a kitten or two home with me. Julie's husband reckoned they are a complimentary gift when you stay with them. I'm pleased I didn't crack & the 'MR' didn't get his way!

There are nine of these ring neck doves that visit Julie's also, they aren't hers, nor are the kittens, but when you see what you get fed at Julie's, it's no wonder we all keep coming back!

In the middle of our Opshopping spree we stopped to re-fuel at a lovely garden centre/cafe/gift shop. This gift shop called 'Humble' is awesome! The most wonderful up- cycled furniture & knick knacks. But checkout the colourful welcome of the building!

I loved this window frame on the fence with the tea cups.
To see more on the cats, please see Julie's post over here.
Another highlight of my visit was to the Hamilton Museum to see the Rosemary McCloud vintage linen display. What a total buzz! When I saw Julie's post about the exhibition I did think 'oh that's nice, but not really my cup of tea'........was I wrong! I loved it! I was disappointed  we couldn't take photo's. (Julie has got a couple of sneaky photo's on her blog). I hope this travelling display comes north, so I can see it again.

Whenever I visit Julie (who has a wonderful rustic cottage where she sells her beautiful handmade goodies) she says to me' you know you don't have to buy anything'. I tell her I won't when she starts making ugly things!! I couldn't resist buying this lovely pin keep.

I did actually do some work while I was away, I hand stitched the binding down on this customer quilt.

Jacki made this last year at a speedy scrap class at The Country Yard. A fun class, where the ladies had to sew as many of each block in a given time frame. Jacki chose Kiwiana fabric. She asked for 'organic' cross hatching through the middle, then something to jazz up the black Koru border.

Jacki's backings are never dull or ordinary, she always goes the extra mile & pieces master pieces!
Tada, the back!

Talk about a double sided quilt.

Thanks for hanging in there with the long list of photo's. Also thanks for the wonderful comments & questions you leave. Until next time & there will be a next time very soon, take care.


  1. Sounds like you had a great wee time away, Leeanne, so pleased your Mum liked her bag and that you had a good catch up with Julie. You two sound like birds of a feather :-) It must have been so hard to leave the kittens behind!! Good on Jacki with another finish, once again her back is a real winner. Love those feathers you put in the border!

  2. oh what fun! glad you had a good break away. Do you really hand sew binding down for clients - man that is my least fav part of quilting of all...

  3. Im a little excited at the thought of you sewing binding !! !! That is also my least favourite part . . . .
    What an adorable wee cottage/shack

  4. You have had a great time. Treasure every minute with your parents, I miss mine so much and would love to take them out to a nice cafe. I saw the Rosemary McLeod exhibition, how amazing, I just loved it so much I took a friend a few weeks later. I treated myself to her book and bought one for my sisters birthday.

  5. Phew what a week - but it looks really lovely :) Nice to be able to see and treat your parents :) The cottage and shopping and kittens and birds all look lovely! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  6. Oh Leeanne that is a lovely photo of you with your mum & Dad. We did have a great time op shopping didnt we .... but just for the record, I think YOU won heaps more fights than me !!!!!! Today feels a bit flat after last weekend & all we packed into it.
    Jackie's quilt looks lovely with the binding all stitched on - well done.

  7. Lovely post Leeanne.
    Beautiful photo of you with your parents, yes, treasure your time with your parents, make memories.
    Love your quilting , beautiful as always....and looks like there's some cool stuff in that car boot.
    Julia ♥

  8. A lovely photo of you with your parents Leeanne, one to treasure. Glad to read you got to the Rosemary McLeod exhibition. I have her book and would love to see the exhibition. Bet it is a toss up who came away with more op shop finds. It is wonderful you and Julie had such a great time together

  9. Great photo of you and your parents, hope your Mum is ok. Treasure them while you can - I am sure you do anyway!! Love the look of Humble - makes you want to know what is inside! Pin keep is lovely too and of course your quilting is amazing! I actually find sewing on binding quit relaxing - wonder what is wrong with me!! Lol!!

  10. OK so next time you come down I am coming along with you and Julie to be referee or to just get in on the fighting!! I went to that exhibition and loved it, and like you wished I could have taken photos. There is a book but OMG the price!! Maybe I might find it at one of the big book fairs that is on annually. Glad you had a good catch up with family and the lovely Julie!!

  11. What a special few days you had.........the photos say it all .....hugs xxxxxxx

  12. Such a nice photo of you and your parents. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend, lots of lovely things :) Love the quilt you were working on too.