Friday, May 8, 2015

Another week gone!

Is it just me, the weeks are going ever so fast. One moment it's Friday evening the next it's Friday evening the following week! How does that work I ask you???
Last Friday morning I headed off with my car loaded down with a mountain of projects to be finished at my annual retreat.
The drive out takes me just under an hour to get there, the most part of the drive is along the coastline, it really is so pretty here in Northland.
The retreat has been going for five years now, I have been coming from the beginning and I NEVER tire of the views!

That's a large ship in the distance, we saw several heading in and out over the weekend.

Little baches (and not so little baches/holiday homes!) scattered along and around the many bays. Some homes are occupied permanently.

Setting up in the big hall is always fun, lots of tables made into cutting stations with ironing boards and irons at the ready.

This was my little nook, a big plastic storage box to my left with all the projects needing finishing.
I make sure my sewing machine is covered up when I head to bed each evening.

The next two photo's were of my efforts for the weekend, see further along in this post to see close ups of three of these projects. The second photo is of my stars blocks. I now have 25 blocks completed, I am currently contemplating what the setting of my blocks will be.

Each morning I headed off for a brisk walk, all the while taking in the peaceful surroundings. Here the rising sun shining on Marsden Oil Refinery, Yachts anchored in a bay.

Mt Mania keeping watch over all the happy patchworkers! The camp where we have our retreat is just below the mountain.

                Our weekend is full of productiveness, laughing, eating and a wee bit of sleeping!!

For more photo's of retreat that are so much better than mine, head over to Raewyn's blog, she has a great little camera that has this cool setting for panoramic photo' little iPod touch is pretty basic for photo's.
Two of my projects finished over retreat weekend were two hot water bottle covers, one for my eldest  granddaughter and the other for one of my daughters.

At retreat I finished a quilt top (a cot panel that I added borders to) this week in between quilting my customers quilts I quilted an all over quilting design on the cot quilt.

I have finished two quilts ready to head back to the owner in Taranaki, one a custom quilting job the other has an all over quilting design (edge to edge). This evening I finished another custom quilting job, so next week when all quilts are back in their owners arms I shall share these lovely quilts with you!

Leaving you with this quotation:

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action" ~ Frank Tibolt


  1. what a lovely spot for a retreat and so much stitching done inbetween walks, laughing eating etc

  2. Fabulous place for a retreat, love your sewing machine covet. Arent those sew ezy tables just the best. You have been very productive. Great projects

  3. You are so right - where has the week gone! Great you got the baby quilt for the legendary gift box finished this week - well done! And the stitchery on the hottie cover :-)

  4. Wish I could have joined you on those brisk morning walks! What a beautiful place!!
    I like the way there are lines for hanging projects for all to see. That is a fun idea.
    Love your star blocks. That will be a great quilt, however you decide to set them. : )

  5. Now where shall I begin…..lovely photos of your retreat (read the post from Raewyn yesterday), Love the sewing machine cover and the large quilt and just adore the hottie covers - I feel one coming on!!!!

  6. Great post Leeanne - your retreat always looks amazing, both in your pics & Raewyns, such a beautiful spot for a weekend of sewing. You accomplished loads, you should feel really pleased. All your new creations turned out great. Now back to the grind I guess . . . .

  7. I agree, great post Leeanne, love everything...and yes before we know it, it will be December!

  8. What a beautiful place, think I would enjoy sitting and looking at all the beautiful sights. Enjoyed seeing your projects.

  9. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your star blocks - they look stunning. So many terrific projects underway...

  10. Wonderful post Leeanne...looks like an amazing place to have a retreat...I had seen Raewyn's photos...such a beautiful place...loved the rope swing over the water!! All your projects are the hottie cover...might be inspired to make one myself!! Your star blocks look fantastic...can't wait to see them in a quilt. Lovely place to go for a morning walk!!

  11. What a wonderful retreat you had! The photo's of the surroundings are so beautiful, both of you and Raewyn. I love your stars, your sewing machine cover as well as the other. You sure had a wonderful time!
    Have a nice weekend, Cisca

  12. Looks like such a lovely time for you all - am envious every year when I see these posts pop up! Hope you had a great weekend x