Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Oh my Stars" and two customer quilts.

It's a very dark wet day here in Whangarei, one of those days where I feel like lighting the fire and cuddling up with a good book (reading for the second time Barry Crump's 'Wild Pork & Watercress').....................but that won't get the quilting pile shrunk will it!
I delivered Pauline's two quilts this morning and she was delighted to have them home ready to attach the binding.
The first is a panel that she asked if I could custom quilt using a gold thread.

Pauline loves black and has this colour as a fairly main feature in her home, as well as creams, browns and golds.

I quilted some straight lines, diamonds and filled the larger diamond with a pattern meander or ribbon candy. I 'ditch stitched' around the printed panels then using black thread pebbled to give a 3D effect.
Facebook followers and stalkers would have seen the next photo featured there.

                   Back lovers you are about to have a treat..............this is a cool back!

The second quilt for Pauline was a very simple quilt made using up the last of her brown fabrics. Pauline asked for simple cross hatching.

                                                             Thank you Pauline.

Sunday was Mothers Day and I thought working on my Star blocks would be a nice gift to myself.
I came up with an on point/zig zag setting.

I was working on these blocks at retreat. I have made 25, but the lighter background fabric was in short supply so I had to alter my plans to make a smaller quilt. I can make another quilt with the other stars. I would like to have a border with applique featured, so I have been auditioning a few suitable partners for the border.

   While enjoying my day I had two kinds of help, one wanted, the other was really no help at all!!

I'm not a pin in your mouth kind of person, but I found when piecing these stars together that's just where I went to put my pins! Thankfully I remembered my wee finger mouse pin keep.

I know a friend who needs one of these as she gets bombarded with scoldings for putting her pins in her mouth! You know who you are!!
My other helper..................................................

                                            Thanks Simon, you were a fabulous help!

The other bit of my sewing I have done is The Country Yard's Tuesday Mystery Medallion.

Waiting to see what the next round brings. I have used Kansas Troubles fabric and scrappy creams that work in harmony with these fabrics and the fawny/taupe tape measure fabric that must be used in each round.

Next up for quilting........................................

Appliqued crinoline ladies and hand embroidery, this is a very pretty quilt and it is large, wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by, all forms are accepted and appreciated publicly and privately  stalking!


  1. GREAT weather for doing stitchy stuff which I am indeed indulging in today, along with checking FB which is why I'm stalking you early...ha ha...LOVE your little finger pin mouse and Simon, what a cool name for a cat...looking forward to seeing those crinoline gals come alive....

  2. You've done a brilliant job. I love that gold quilting in particular.

  3. Wow you certainly have raced ahead with your stars. I love the layout and look forward to seeing what you come up with for the border. Your Tuesday medallion mystery is wonderful. Yes a pincushion mouse would be handy but would I remember to use it!

  4. Beautiful quilting there Leeanne - Loving your stars too. That wee finger mouse sounds perfect ... I just toss my pins any which way ... but am having to rethink that with a wee kitten running around. Simon always has that regal sort of "I am the most important person in this house" kind of look ... just gorgeous. Yep raining here too.

  5. Hi Leeanne, I have enjoyed having a catch-up on your blog. It looks like you had a fabulous retreat and gorgeous scenery. Beautiful quilts, the gold quilting is stunning. I love your star quilt too, there's always something special about stars!

  6. Wow, the effect of the gold thread is beautiful. I am not brave enough to quilt with that much contrast. The back view is very cool!
    Nice setting for some of your star blocks. I'm working with some star blocks right now and not getting very far because I can't settle on the layout.
    Love the finger mouse. Haven't seen that before. Very cute and handy!

  7. Yes, it is turning into great inside sewing weather isn't it! I had a brainwave what to do with my stars the other day - guess what - you've done it!! Cool to see what you've done with the panel.

  8. Wow the gold on black looks amazing. The back is a feast to look at :) and so much other sewing. You are one busy lady!!

  9. An great post, very brave with the gold stitching it looks wonderful. I love your star quilt ! Funny how cats always think we lay out quilts out just for them.

  10. Sorry, Leeanne, I'm in Greece nog and I juist see a feb pictures on my IPad, I see that lovely Simon and the vinger mouse which I have to use indeel, for I An a pins in mouth quilter. Granddaughter Yara told me a few weeks abo I mustn't do that, o,o, but I forget it wachten time. I love the blockbuster and the measure tape fabric. Good luck with the Crinoline ladies!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  11. That mouse pin thing is a great idea, I have been know to have pins in my mouth. I shall go sit on the naughty step now!!! Good old Simon helping out, bless him. Hope it is cold enough now for you, you winter lovin' gal!!!