Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sharing more prettiness because it's nice to share!

                               First up is Kim's granddaughters 1st birthday quilt.

You may recognise this panel from a previous post, I quilted this panel for another customer. Kim has made her's so it is larger. Kim asked for all over quilting (edge to edge).

We went for 'Butterfly Charm' and used a soft pinky/mauve Glide thread, wool batting and the worlds softest flannel backing!

The next prettiness I have to share is Patsy's sampler quilt, made for her granddaughter also, only a 21st birthday!

I have quilted several of these samplers for Patsy, all the same but different, different in that they have slightly different photo's and the sashing and border fabrics are different colours.

Patsy asked for light custom quilting and left me to it. I thought a few suitable words to quilt.

                   Black and white's are tricky to photograph, so I took a few photo's of the back.

If you are interested in seeing the other samplers I quilted for Patsy see *here*. Thanks so much Patsy.
Thank you and hello to my new followers both here and on Facebook! Loving your words of encouragement.


  1. Some very creative quilting on the sampler. Thanks for the shots of the back. : )

  2. Two grand daughters will be happy I'm sure! Great idea to put the words in the hearts, Patsy's quilt looks great!

  3. Love the fairy quilt, that is a beautiful panel...the sampler is beautiful too and your quilting is just the words in the hearts.

  4. Both really beautiful quilts Leeanne .... as always love the way you have bought them to life, especially love the words you add.

  5. little girls love flower fairies big ones too a lovely quilt and the sampler quilt is amazing so much to see and admire and both finished off beautifully with your quilting, shame you are not around the corner I now have 9 flimsies I am scared of attempting to quilt!

  6. The fairy quilt is beautiful. I have the Flower Fairies book of poetry. it. I always feel happy looking at your wonderful work x

  7. You are the feather queen! So gorgeous Leeanne.