Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Play time.........................

Happy New Year! I am hoping you have soaked up a wonderful Christmas and of course a fabulous start to 2016. A fresh start, no New Years Resolutions here, just one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, all the while allowing peace and happiness to consume me.
With the official Christmas season behind us it was time to put away the few Christmasy bits n' bobs I had out on display.

Amazing what you find in cupboards when looking for something completely different! How could I have forgotten this beautiful quilt! I bought this hand pieced, hand quilted grandmothers flower garden quilt from an antique shop a few years back. It is quite fragile in places, but I may as well have it out to enjoy.

My snowmen needed to be rounded up and herded to a different location in the house.............."snowmen out when it's not Christmas"? ........."snowmen out when it's summer"? Yes welcome to my snowman world!

One outing to town saw me purchasing a lovely pot in memory of my Mum. I had been given some money and a voucher for use at a garden centre from a couple of friends. Now fondly known as "Mum's Pot" :-)

                            I have finished two more quilts for family members, wanna see???

This one is for one of my nieces who constantly asks me when am I going to make her a quilt, oh and Aunty Leeanne you know I love purple right? So purple is not my number one favourite colour, I knew it was her's, so I thought I would make use of some of my scraps and pull them all together with purple sashings and borders.

A few years back I saw Joan's post on her "Joan's Window's" quilt, post *here*  I guess I can call my version "Angela's Window's.

The backing and a photo of the label, once again I used part of one of Mum's hankies for the label.

I had to dig deep in my stash for some bigish purple fabrics for this pieced backing.

                            The Facts:

                            "Angela's Windows" Blocks.
                             Matilda's Own Poly Batting.
                             Finished size : 56" x 69"
                             Panto Pattern: "Butterfly Charm" by Lorien Quilting.
                            Thread: Madeira's Aero Quilt, a variegated in purples.
                             Flange Binding: from Missouri Quilt Company. See below for tutorial.

Here's a peek at another quilt finished with this awesome flanged binding, this is my new way to bind quilts people! So pretty and fresh, but quick too.

Another quilt finished, well to be honest, I finished this back at the start - mid last year! I just needed to add binding.

Using Kiwiana fabrics and using this super quick pattern this quilt came together quickly, not sure why the heck I waited sooooooo long to bind it??!!

                                           And one of those special labels again!

                             The Facts:

                            Giant Chevron Quilt Pattern: from Craftsy *here* 
                            Finished quilt size: 53"x 72"
                            Fabrics: Kiwiana
                            Quilting: Light custom.
                            Warm & Natural cotton batting.
                             Standard Binding stored like this: this is a tangle free way to store your binding!

     More scrap sewing has been absorbing my time, what a joy to see these pieces from quilts gone by! More purple for another purple loving family member.

I found this block, called: Scrappy Crossroads on Lori Holt's Bee in my Bonnet blog - see *here*. Using more of the solid purple that I used in Angela's Window's and my 2" scrappy squares. Loving these blocks!

With all this pottering about, creating new blocks & finishing quilts, I have cleaned some window's and the long awaited oven clean........oh my it looks like a new one! Plus some more lovely bush walks up and around Mt Parihaka and the town basin loop.

                                     All the while being supervised by this bloke!!!


  1. Happy New Year Leeanne. Another nice blog. I am thinkng those girls' are fortunate to have such a talented/generous Aunty, I love 'Mum's pot'

  2. I love the pot you have in remembrance of your mum. I planted a Daphne shrub for my dad in my garden. Glad to see my man Simon, give him a squeeze from me, had to have old Tex put to sleep today so feeling a little glum.

  3. Lovely post with gorgeous quilts....I love those very special quilt labels. A beautiful keepsake as is your new pot. What a wonderful place for a wander xx

  4. Beautiful quilts, lovely pot in memory of your mum.
    Hope your Christmas and new year was special...
    Lovely spot to go for a walk....

  5. You need to build a snowman with me!! Great post...and thanks for sharing the videos! Flanges add such a nice touch! Stay cool! L0L

  6. Isn't that binding technique great? We use it a lot. Love your labels. What a sweet way to remember Granny.

  7. Smashing quilts Leeanne. The pot in memory of your Mum is such a lovely idea, I did this 15 years ago when my Mum died - it sits out on our deck and I'm so pleased I can see it from our lounge window.

  8. That is a lovely vintage quilt.
    Your Mum's remembrance pot is beautiful. What a wonderful way to remember her.
    Oh, your scrappy quilts with purple as the control color are just delightful! And the hankies on the label are such a nice touch.

  9. Happy New Year Leanne. I just love your work and your niece will love her quilt so much. Love the idea of your mum spot too? love the pot in memory of your mum too. Im sure we will see lots of plants in the pot in the years to come. Simon is doing a great job too!!

  10. Hello (at last) Leeanne. Great post ... I think you should be able to enjoy your snowmen any time of year my friend. I think they look most happy there in your home. Love your Mums pot & what you have planted in it. A lovely memory corner of your Mum. Great new quilts - you sure have been busy. Glad to see the Supervisor making an appearance too.

  11. Lovley to see the Supervisor is still at work Leeanne!!! Wonderful quilts you have been working on...the labels are extra special. Your Mums memory pot is very special....I have a dwarf matnolia in a pot to remember my Dad. That is a beautiful place to walk...the bush in NZ is so beautiful.

  12. Magnolia!!!!! Not matnolia...sorry about that!!!