Thursday, February 18, 2016

place mats, weddings and gifts.

Another week has nearly gone, in fact February is nearly gone! Summer is nearly gone, but the pile of quilts has not gone! I warmly invite you to enjoy the following............................

Firstly are Jill's eight place mats. Jill request custom quilting, cotton batting and Insul-Bright batting.
Done! I loaded all eight place mats together as Jill had given me a nice big piece of backing fabric.
Then I set to work quilting all the 'organic' cross-hatching, echo waves and the ditch stitching before changing threads.

                          Here is a view of the back, you can see the quilting very clearly.

           Next up is Marcelle's special quilt just for her Wedding day. Scrappy and very happy!

I enjoyed using my 'doodling' in the cream background, feathering, looping, hooping and echoing.

Marcelle chose Matilda's Own 'Oh Sew Soft' Polyester batting. I didn't get a photo of the back, but it was a fun pieced backing.

        Straight line quilting on the pieced heart using Superior's Fantastico "Playhouse" thread.

                         A lovely keepsake for what will be a special memorable day.

I had to make a gift for a friend that was part of a group where we do 'secret Santa'. Because of the busy time leading up to Christmas, then after Christmas is the holiday time catch up with family etc we left our gift swap until just recently. Here is the gift I made....................................

A block holder using Michelle Ridgeways alphabet stitchery. Always a handy thing to have when you make quilts.
The gift I!

                                                       A lovely keepsake lined basket.


  1. that's a great idea with the placemats. I never thought you'd be able to do something like that on a longarm, but of course you can!

  2. Stunning. Youmhave certainly worked your magic again. I love your lined basket.

  3. Really like the organic cross-hatching on the placemats!
    The quilting on the background of the heart quilt is incredible! Looks like you really had fun quilting that!
    It appears that you ladies really do quality work on your swaps. Both gifts are lovely.

  4. Busy busy! What a special keepsake Marcelle has of her wedding - and she will not forget their anniversary either!! Gorgeous blockholder :-) Thank you so much...weren't we all spoilt?!

  5. Lovely gifts both given & received Leeanne. I love those placemats, I have that house fabric myself. I really like what the lady has put with it & wish I could see a finished picture of them. Is she going to bind them I am guessing?

  6. Great quilting on both projects. love the doodling on Marcelle's quilt. What lovely gifts both given and received. Your lined basket is just wonderful.

  7. What lovely gifts, and what a great idea for the placemat quilting. Your quilting is gorgeous as usual Leeanne. :-)

  8. Wow just look at that amazing quilting on the heart quilt - stunning!

  9. the place mats are really appealing, loving the house fabric in them, what a wonderful keepsake basket and pillow truly lovely

  10. Summer is nearly gone you say! HUSH your mouth! What a lovely gift that basket is, will Simon get to sleep in it? Summer nearly gone, mutter, mutter, mutter.......!!

  11. Lovely placemats, and the heart quilt is gorgeous! Your quilting is fab!
    Love the block holder, and the gift you received is so lovely!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Cisca

  12. I like that organic cross hatching!!