Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Away with the fairies!

Yes folks that's me all too often! I got caught out good time last week. One of my lovely customers from Wanganui dropped by to deliver me four of her stunning quilt tops to quilt. Her husband had rung the door bell, no answer so they came to the side door which was open to find me...........yes they found me in my all too familiar pose.................... quilting away with ear phones in singing at the top of my voice! Oh dear the poor souls...................they said I must be happy in my work...............yes but boy oh boy was I red faced! I am a better quilter than a singer!
Here is the quilt I was working on at the time.

Pamela pieced together this pretty quilt for her friends daughter who has just had her first baby. Pamela's friend Jeanne machine embroidered all the fairies.

I was asked to do heavy custom quilting for the backgrounds of the fairies, each colour set I quilted slightly different and of course these pretty blocks really did need some feathers.

As usual the photo's don't give you a true feel for the beauty. The fairy wings were stitched with very fine shimmering threads.

These fairies look like they are cross stitched. I added some curves and curved cross hatching and pebbles and swirls.

Pamela chose Matilda's Own 'Oh Sew' Soft Polyester and asked for the "Full Quiltme Service" ~ make, attach and hand stitch binding to the back of the quilt.

It's difficult to see on the busy fabric of the sashings and borders but I quilted simple straight lines and a swirl/feather and a mini ribbon candy for the pieced top and bottom sashings.

Thank you Pamela, I am sure your friends daughter will be delighted with such a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

A couple of weekends past I went tramping the "Bream Head Assault".............it sure was an 'assault' on my legs going up all those endless steps from Urquarts Bay! But like all steps up the view makes it all worth while........oh and the swim at Ocean Beach to finish it off!

That is the Hen from "Hen and Chicks" behind the big cargo ship. This gives you an idea of how high up you get.

Looking back at the huge rocky pinnacle with Marsden Refinery in the background.

here we are heading down to Ocean beach for a much needed swim!
 Here is the link to the Department of Conservation's info about this tramp.


  1. Such pretty quilting on the fairy blocks--looks magical!
    Wow--what a view on your tramp!

  2. That fairy quilt is so cute-love how Pamela has quilted the black fairies on the grey fabric and different colours on the pink and blue squares.
    Your quilting of course is amazing.
    What amazing scenery on your tramp and I bet you were ready for the swim.
    I have laughed,and laughed (sorry!!)about you getting 'caught out'. I can just see it and can imagine your face when you saw people at the door!

  3. Beautiful quilt there Leeanne, love those fairies. You have quilted it wonderfully as per usual. I am glad to hear you were singing away "happy in your work" ...I talk to myself too but when I get caught out, I pretend I am talking to my cats, even tho they are nowhere in sight !!!!

  4. such a lovely quilt for a little princess, your quilting has made it so perfect, do not worry your singing cannot be worse than mine!! Here however you would not dare leave the door unlocked, even keep the windows locked downstairs

  5. What a pretty quilt, stitched to perfection!

    What a great walk! Well more like a major hike.

  6. Love your photos of your tramp! What a beautiful quilt. Your quilting is lovely. I really like the pink spotty backgrounds for some of the stitcheries x

  7. Another beautiful quilt,and your quilting compliments it beautifully!! Still sitting here grinning at your singing being discovered!! What an amazing place to go walking,fantastic views.

  8. What a lot of lovely detailed quilting - must have been pretty time consuming but the result is worth it!

  9. Hi Leeanne wow your quilting is amazing i love what you have done to this quilt,so pretty and i have seen what you have done on my friend Sue's quilt it was gorgeous,you sure do have a talent my friend.
    Oh i do love your pics such a pretty country,thankyou for sharing xx

  10. Fortunately your quilting is better than your singing, otherwise your costumers didn't get such lovely quilting on their quilts! But I can imagine you got a red face.
    What an amazing quilt and amazing quillwork!
    And thank you for those pretty pictures from beautiful New Zealand!

    Happy quilting (With loud singing), Cisca