Monday, March 28, 2016

Some finishes..................................

Happy Easter! Are you well and truly sick of chocolate Easter eggs yet? How about hot cross buns!
I didn't have any big eggs but a couple of tiny white chocolate ones, but I did consume my fair share of hot cross buns! Well if you did over consume, sit back and rest that bulging tummy! I have had an interesting weekend, quilting, gardening, walking and even a finished quilt top.
First I would like to share Helen's grandchild's quilt. Made from a funky panel.

Helen requested an all over quilting design, I chose "Splash" and used Fantastico thread colour: " Playhouse".

            I have a couple of other quilts finished but you will have settle for sneak peeks for now.

More on both those quilts later in the week.
At l-o-n-g last I have finished the scrappy cross roads quilt for my niece, well it's at the flimsy stage. Flange binding made, see this* post* if you missed how to make this fabulous binding. I also made a backing fabric!

Friday morning was a lovely morning to head out for a walk, I took a banana and a small thermos of coffee because I knew I was going to be walking for a few hours in a beautiful spot. Look at the pretty spot I took the weight off my feet.

One of our majestic Kauri trees. I was so fortunate to see a giant kauri snail as well! All in all a lovely morning out. Thanks for stopping by, see you later in the week.


  1. Love the funky dragon panel! So fun!!
    I look forward to seeing more of your work on the "sneak peak" quilts. I'm sure they are amazing!
    Lovely spot for a rest--walk for hours? I'm impressed. I'm lucky if my back lets me walk for an hour these days.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the look of the bush and thankfully that dreadful weather passed. Cute dragon quilt and loving the sneak peek quilting. I haven't tried the flange binding but will give it a go.

  3. Love the sneak peaks Leeanne! They look very interesting and will be great to see your nieces quilt when it is finished! Too many easter eggs here too!!

  4. Some fun childrens characters on that first quilt Leeanne. Oh My that sneaky peek of the red flower looks just gooorrrrrgeous. You are so lucky to have those lovely walks just close by to you.

  5. That does look like a fun all over pattern - perfect for a fun kids quilt. That quilting on the applique quilt looks award winning - maybe more prizes for you at Auckland Festival of Quilts this year???

  6. what a great panel for a kiddie and a lovely applique quilt

  7. Love the dragon quilt, your quilting looks amazing...the next sneak peek looks interesting too!! What a beautiful place to have a kauri trees but have never seen a giant kauri snail.You have a beautiful place to walk.

  8. I see you are keeping busy with a steady flow of quilts coming in! The fairies are beautiful...and I'm keen to see more of the sneak peek in this post! Good on you getting to the flimsy stage with your niece's quilt... I wonder how long it will sit in the quilting line? Looks like you are doing some decent walks at the moment - snap - I found a Kauri snail recently too, down by our river, but it was just the shell!