Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quilting May away!

Time flies when you have a yummy stack of fabulous quilts from lovely customers to layer the icing on! But I can only share one with you for now. Marcelle's 'Tri Wee Wander Quilt'. I don't think it has a name but that's the name I have Christened it!

Once again Marcelle has made another quilt to gift friends and family..........I just wished she would give it to me! Measuring 57" x 85" wool/poly batting, Glide and Madeira threads. The quilting consisted of an all over pattern over the triangles then feathers on three of the borders and a wood-grain effect on the bottom border.

True to form Marcelle  made another lovely backing and she made sure there was plenty of it to keep her quilter happy! :-)

I found it difficult to part with this quilt. A love affair began with this 'Wee Wander' range of fabrics by Sarah Jane  back when I quilted this quilt Marcelle made last year using the same fabrics.  So when Marcelle had me quilt this quilt for her I was inspired to make one for myself!

I raided my stash for extra triangles and now it is resting while I contemplate if I want to add borders or not.
Another make from me was a Biscornu, which is French or Italian for 'Quirky'. I have a healthy pile of vintage wool blankets that were my Mum's and plenty of stuffing from old cushion inners and with the aid of my friend YouTube I created one!

It makes a great foot stool or a big cushion for sitting on or lying on in the sun, measuring 28" in diametre. I'm not sure it goes with my other lounge furniture but as long as I don't invite the interior design Police over, who cares!

Last Sunday I went tramping on the Otaika/ Raumanga walkway  the only photo I took was of something I have never seen before............................

Meet Entoloma Hochsetteri a unique blue mushroom that is featured on the New Zealand $50 note. That's right run to your wallets if you have a $50 note to see if that's the fact! Go on, that's exactly what I did.

Simon's group of fans are going to be on my case because he hasn't been showing his mischievous face on the blog for a spell, he is here and IS most certainly mischievous! We have been having visits from the neighbours cat Basil, he is part manx and rather sweet.

Thanks for stopping by, more quilts to share later. Be sure to check in on my Facebook page for nearly daily updates.


  1. What a lovely quilt and of course the quilting is fab. Love your Biscornu. Who cares what the Interior Decirator Police would say, as long as we like what we make that is all that matters eh?. That blue mushroom us amazing, I have bever seen anything like it

  2. Good Idea. I never saw a biscornu that large.
    That blue fungus is very, very cool! I have never seen one....but would like to.

  3. Lovely quilt & quilting as usual Leeanne ... cant believe you just whipped yourself up a triangle one!! You are amazing. Who cares about the Decorator Police I say .. they wouldnt want to come to my house. Your biscornu looks great my friend. Basil is a lovely looking cat & looks very content at your house.

  4. that cushion is massive. But I love the idea. I did not know that about the mushroom. I too have gone and looked in my wallet but alas at the moment there is no cash in there. Next time I get a $50 note I will look

  5. That is a very happy quilt. Love the overall pattern you quilted. Can't believe you made one of your own. : )
    From the photo I never guessed the cushion was that big!
    I have never seen a blue mushroom--fascinating.

  6. lovely quilt you have quilted it beautifully and liking your too. Love biscornus have made quite a few mostly in hardanger technique. How good to spy a blue mushroom, has no idea there were blue ones wonder if it is edible or poisnous

  7. Gorgeous happy quilt. Beautiful quilting too. I love your biscornus...never heard of one before. How amazing is that mushroom!

  8. Beautiful quilt and quilting, love the fabric along the edge on the back. I hadn't heard of a biscornus either, very nice!! Andwho cares about the decorating police,happiness is more important!!! Neither have I ever seen a mushroom that colour! Cant' rush off to look at a $50 note here but will one day!! Very nice to meet Basil.

  9. Wonderful swirly quilting Leeanne and I didn't know we had a blue mushroom!!! Better get myself better informed I think.

  10. Gorgeous quilting Leeanne. It goes perfectly with the fabric and design. But, as they say...its the quilting that makes the Quilt!