Friday, June 3, 2016

Jelly Rolls, Scrappy Wonders and Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Here in New Zealand we are firing up for a long weekend, the reason?........Queens birthday! Happy Birthday Elizabeth! As usual I have assigned myself a 'To-do-list' as long as mine and your arms put together! You can be sure history will repeat............. I will run out of hours. Does this sound like what you do? Please tell me I am not alone in this 'To-do-list' world!
I do have one customer quilt to share with you plus one nearly finish of mine plus a start on another that is also mine.
Lets start with Judith's sweet quilt for her great niece. Made from a Jelly Roll and some appliqued butterflies.

Judith normally asks for an all over quilting design (edge to edge) but thankfully she asked for light custom quilting this time around. I ditch stitched around the butterflies then quilted a swirly feather as the background fill, then a swirl on the pretty teal border and a one sided feather on the pink border, all free hand quilted using Glide thread.

Judith chose Matilda's Own polyester batting. I'm told the binding with be the same teal used on the inner border. Thank you Judith.

You may have seen my dark/light medallion quilt made from 5" scrappy squares, well it is finished, well 'flimsy' finished.

There is a real mixed bag of fabric in this quilt but it's very likable. I have pieced a backing together, made the binding all that waits is the quilting! See *here* for one I quilted back in April. It could execute custom or edge to edge quilting, I am undecided yet.
When you finish one quilt that means you can start another right???  TOO RIGHT!

'Metro Hoops' by Sew Kind of Wonderful . The pattern calls for a jelly roll, an accent fabric and a background fabric. I quite like their patterns, once you get the hang of the gentle curve seam you are away! You may remember the one I made for my brother a couple of years back, if you fancy another look click *here* This will be one project to plod away at in the evenings after a day of quilting your lovely quilts.
Over on my Facebook page I share sneak peeks of the current quilts I'm working on, the two most recent quilts are owned by the same person and I have two more waiting for quilting by the same maker. This sneak peek is actually finished, hopefully I can share the whole completed quilt soon.

The next one is currently on the machine as we speak. What a cheerful quilt! I am tempted to make one for my very self :-)

Last week I shared the Biscornu I made from two of Mum's old wool blankets........look who's taken a fancy to it!

I came across these words again recently:

               "If the words you spoke appeared on your skin,
                                     would you still be beautiful?"


  1. Simon knows a good place to rest when he sees one. That is a work of art. Enjoy the long weekend, hopefully the sun will shine for three days in a row!!

  2. I was enjoying your post--pretty and pleasant things. Then I came to that last block and almost fell off my chair! Stunning!!
    Can't wait to see the whole quilt.The little stitched block in blue has me intrigued as well. : )

  3. I love the softy colours in Judiths quilt Leeanne. You sure are a machine with the quilts you turn out for yourself. I am so glad to see that Simon is happy with the biscornu his mum made especially for his royal highness !!!!

  4. More beautiful quilts and quilting...lovely colurs in the first quilt. That is one stunning block in your sneak view. Your new blocks look amazing too. Hee hee Simon knows a good thing when he sees it!!!! I guess he will be sitting by the fire now!! Lol!!

  5. Biscornu, so comfy and just the right squashiness. Lovely quilts and quilting as always.

  6. Lovely eye candy in this post Leeanne.The Biscornu is a perfect spot for a cat - isn't that why you made it...???!! The Butterfly quilt is gorgeous as well as your own HST quilt of course. Good to see what else you are working on.

  7. Leeanne, your quilting is marvelous! Yeah, I love that pinwheel quilt and want to make one some day. :)