Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Edge to edge quilting hits the spot sometimes.........................

Maybe your quilt is going to be used as a utility quilt, or for a child (think making huts, dragged around the floor!) or simply your budget dictates the choice of edge to edge (all over quilting design - E2E). Jacki and Anne both chose E2E quilting both are very different styles of quilts.
First is Anne's sampler quilt made for a friend who lives in Sweden.

Measuring 82" square this will make a beautiful quilt on a bed, a good size to cuddle under.
Anne chose the ever popular "Camellia's" for the pattern and Glide thread in the colour 'Mocha' and Polyester batting.

Next is Jacki's quilt.........................................

Jacki's husband's nieces mother (do you get that?) started this quilt several years back and when she passed away from Breast Cancer, Jacki being the kind hearted person she is decided to finish it and then give it to the niece as a remembrance of her mother...........such a special thing to do!

A few people in Jacki's sewing group helped by making a few blocks but the bulk of this large quilt was all Jacki's doing. Jacki asked for 'organic' straight lines going vertically. I used Glide thread in the colour 'Military Gold'.

The quilt measures 74" x 96" and the design is by Elizabeth Anne called 'Echo's of the Past'. The quilt has a real Mexican/ ethnic look about it.

Simon wants to know now that all that quilting is done will I play with him?


  1. Beautiful work Leeanne! Simon looks very hopeful lol!

  2. I think edge to edge worked beautiful on each of these quilts.
    It appears that Simon is trying to send a telepathic message that reads, "You WILL play with me now!"

  3. Both quilts look really good with the E2E quilting Leeanne. Great to see Jacqui's quilt finished, it was a fun little challenge to help her make the blocks :-)

  4. Both lovely quilts and the last one will be treasured. A number of years ago I had quilts for four grandchildren quilted E2E and as you say good for youngsters quilts, these four have certainly stood the test of time.

  5. I hope you did play with Simon, he does look hopeful 😀😀
    Two beautiful quilts Leeanne and the quilting is yet again amazing, love that camelia pattern. That is a lovely thing Jacki and her friends have done.

  6. You have been busy again Leeanne, churning out those finished quilts for customers. I love the look on Simons face - he does look hopeful!!

  7. Both lovely quilts and I do love the Camellia quilting design

  8. 2 very different quilts both lovely I am sure the niece will be so thrilled to have this as a memory quilt of her Mum

  9. Love the quilts Jacki's looks great. Lovely to see it all finished.

  10. Just catching up on your posts, so many beautiful quilts, walks have been walked, photos have been taken, and then Simon is there to say hi. Give him a scratch between those ears for me.