Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Lions are out!

Whenever I get asked to quilt for Juliet of The Tartankiwi a little pulse of excitement runs through me as her designs ROCK in my humble opinion! You should have seen the smile on my face as I opened the post to this quilt.

What fun I was going to have! I set out (after the ditch stitching) to give each Lion slightly different facial expressions and each mane to have it's own personality.

For some reason I kept thinking of the Lion King movie when quilting these four magnificent creatures. I remember when that movie first came out on video and I bought it for my kids.........Oh the excitement! I still have the video, but no video player!

Juliet chose wool/polyester batting which has a bit more loft than cotton batting. Measuring 58" square. I love all the backing fabrics Juliet pieced together.

The computer motherboard pattern worked well on the funky border print and it quilts up pronto!

To read more about Juliet's journey on creating this quilt please hop / click / pop over to her blog post *here* to read all about  it AND.......and the chance to win a pattern to make your very own Lion quilt!

While we are on the topic of Cats you know I had a problem with our cat Simon's biscornu, it had a hole.........................which he loves as he can burrow his head in and knead and purr............

                        Time for a new one.............can you see it? It blends into our carpet!


  1. Fabulous quilt Leeanne!! She sure does design some amazing animals. I too have The Lion King video & NO player !! I am sure it wont take Simon long to make a wee hole in his new biscornu :-)

  2. Incredible quilting on those big cats! Wow--love it!
    And the little cat seems very content on the new, camouflaged home.

  3. An amazing quilt. I love her border fabrics! And your quilting is so wonderful, really adds character!

  4. That is an amazing quilt Leeanne and your quilting makes it stunning. Julie's designs are wonderful, love the colour of the eyes in the lions. Ah poor Simon, no more sticking the head into the stuffing!! He does look leaceful though.

  5. Love the lions a very clever lady with her fabric placements, and your quilting finishes off those magnificent beasts Leeanne!! Bet Simon is happy. xxxx

  6. Such a colourful quilt and wow to the backing of it, very nice. So glad old Simon has a new bed. His staff has looked after him!!

  7. Lovely colourful Lions! So I'm guessing that was they of the lion we saw the other day.
    Looks like Simon is happy as with his new biscornu, did you make this Leeanne? I know a little tuxedo kitty who would enjoy chilling out on one of these, would you let me know where I can get hold of a pattern, if indeed it is one you made.