Saturday, December 16, 2017

Four Quilts..............................

Three for Darlene and one for Fleur. First on the sharing platter today is Darlene's 3 fairy panel quilts.

Darlene asked for the same backing fabric, the same batting (cotton) and the same E2E quilting design ("Espalier"). I managed to load the three quilts on the one large piece of backing and batting.

                  Aren't they all pretty? And a snap of the back.....................................................

Espalier is a nice soft pattern that's sure to keep these quilts cuddly for years. Thanks Darlene.

Fleur's friends mother started this Winding Ways quilt, but with one thing or another she couldn't get it finished in time for her granddaughters wedding, so Fleur offered to finish the quilt then commissioned me quilt it.

Fleur asked for SID (stitch in the ditch) for the central section. This was tricky as some of the intersecting points create quite a bit of thickness. Then Fleur wanted feathers on the wide border and a swirl/leaf on the outer border and a 'squiggle' on the inner border.

                                  And because I was on to it, here is two photo's of the back!

Last post I wrote about starting new projects, well here is another one that has me distracted and enjoying the the passion of quilt making.

Jodi from Tales of Cloth distracted me with her Mandolin block. Here is what I have so far. Do you like the vintage linen middle section? This came in a lovely bundle of linen's that had to come home with me when visiting my good friend Julie's cottage/ shop.

YES is was super hard to cut this pretty piece! I lay it out on my cutting mat and walked away several times! But if I was crazy enough to share how many vintage linen pieces I have you will understand why I convinced myself it was OK to cut it up.
I have had some finishes too which I will share in a separate post. I have a couple more customers quilts to share with you also. Until then, be kind to yourself at this time as what seems like everyone rushing about all just to celebrate ONE day ?..............take time to breathe and find pleasure and joy in the simple things OK?


  1. I can imagine cutting into that beautiful linen, but look at all the other goodies you will get with the other parts. Beautiful winding ways quilting and colours in the fabrics.

  2. The quilts are beautiful - as always - Leeanne. But I adore your "new project". I look forward to seeing it as you progress with it. LoVe the verse at the end. Very True!

  3. Thanks for sharing Winding Ways. A blue one is on my list for 2018. I like the border that was added and how it was quilted. Donyou know if it was machine or hand pieced? Totally understand your thoughts on vintage linens. I have many also. My humble opinion says now the piece is getting used and seen. Visiting from Fabric Therapy.

  4. Awesome post as normal. Love the winding ways. So pretty.

  5. Beautiful work them all! I would have had a nervy turn also cutting into the linen but it does look gorgeous in the centre of your block xx

  6. Don't panels make nice quick and easy - and lovely - quilts? Love Fleur and her mother's quilt - I like the directions she gave you - it's turned out gorgeous! Of course I love the red as well :-) Fun new project for you - I can imaginehow hard that first cut would have been - now you're away and flying!