Monday, December 11, 2017

Japanese and Kiwiana Quilt

With every visit from Jacki's daughter who now lives overseas they purchase a Japanese/silk fat quarter to eventually be made into a quilt for Jacki's daughter, this is the end result of that lovely collection.

Measuring 84" x 96" Jacki decided on E2E quilting choosing "Turkish Tiles" and Glide thread in the colour Military Gold.

Jacki found the perfect backing fabric at The Country Yard...................................

Next is the jelly roll Kiwiana quilt Kim made for her son. Kim provided the backing fabric and chose wool batting, E2E quilting - "Allure" which looks like a Maori fish hook and Kim also asked me for the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service.

                                                        Thank you Jacki and Kim.

A-n-o-t-h-e-r new project may have started for me............................

       I am finding it so exciting and easy to start new projects..................are you the same?


  1. Beautiful quilting, and the new project, lovely lime/gold/?/ to go with the B&W. Looks like it will be fun.

  2. Two lovely quilts Leeanne: it was nice to see Jacki's up close the other night. Yes, I find it far too easy to start something new....!

  3. Love your little otter! Wow, didn't that e2e come out spectacularly on the Japanese prints?

  4. How lovely that they bought a silk fat quarter each visit home. What a lovely memory quilt. Love them both Leeanne ... but loving your little seal in the centre of your "new w-i-p"

  5. I love the silk quilt--the idea and the finished product!
    It is way too easy to start new things, and I am trying very hard not to cave in to the temptation. There are way too many UFOs around here for my comfort!!
    Great fussy-cut center on your new block!