Monday, February 12, 2018

Quilting for The Country Yard

Welcome back to my little quilting corner. If you follow me on my Quiltmekiwi Facebook and Instagram pages, you will remember seeing the following quilts a couple of weeks back. Kerryn (shop owner) asked me to wait to share the photo's until after the shop's New Year's Launch, which was on Saturday. Which was, as always a lovely inspiring event!

"Hatter's Tea Party" is a stylish panel with a couple of rounds of borders. Kerryn asked for edge to edge quilting. I decided on my free hand flowing filigree feathers, which are so much fun to quilt and suited this quilt perfectly.

I was also asked for the 'Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service', this time with a flange binding, doesn't it look pretty.

Next is a completely different look, but also part panel. Again the full binding service and edge to edge quilting this time "Turbulence"......such a popular panto pattern, but I wish it had a different name!

I believe both quilts are available as kits. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to click over to The Country Yard's website.


  1. Both very different quilts Leeanne but both really gorgeous. Kerryn sure does come up with some stunning shop samples. Love your quilting on them both too! Love the flange binding :-)

  2. Oh I bet it was a lovely event. The quilts are beautiful with all your lovely work Leeanne xx

  3. That little flange does a nice, subtle job of pulling the color from the center of the quilt, on through the black/white border, and out to the edge. Great finish.
    The second one is a fun themed quilt.

  4. Very lovely quilts, and the flange binding is super!
    Dutch hugs, Cisca

  5. Another two beautifully quilted quilts the flange binding too. The Country Yard come up with some great ideas.

  6. The edge to edge pantos you picked suited each beautifully Leeanne. The flange was a great idea too :-)

  7. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely,i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.